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  1. Welcome to the hub! Where you can feed your addiction at any time! How would you rate ROW as compared to the other Stormlight Archives books?
  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. She looks so young in this image.
  3. Thank you! Thank you so much! I'm also thinking of a Bridge 4 Tattoo. Where are you thinking of getting yours?
  4. Ah! I see what I did. I apologize, I did not know that was the way it worked. Thank you!
  5. Have you heard of Hoopla? It's an app that allows you to borrow books and audio books from the library. They have dramatized versions of White Sands that are pretty great!
  6. Thank you for the advice. I'm not familiar with this type of forum. Is responding to each comment considered double posting?
  7. Is there a reason you haven't read White Sands yet? Just curious!
  8. Thank you for the welcome!
  9. Thank you for the welcome!
  10. That makes sense! I've found that there are significantly more friends irl that are Sanderson fans then I expected there to be. Thank you so much for the compliment! It's simple, but I greatly enjoyed painting it. Asking who my favorite character is is like asking what my favorite type of pie is...there are SO MANY good ones! Shai from Emperors Soul and Isa from Infinity Blade immediately come to mind. Both powerful and confident. Wayne from Mistborn era 2. (I really love the comic relief characters!) And of course Kaladin! His story arc was incredible. And what would you say is your favorite character?
  11. Hello fellow nerds! I'm a 6-year Sanderson follower. But only this past year did I REALLY dive into the murky depths of his enchanting worlds. And now I've been sucked down with no escape! Not that I mind. His work is brilliant and mind bending. In the process of finding and purchasing his entire collection. And on the side, creating some Cosmere-related art! Here is a rock I painted a few weeks ago.