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  1. Check out this meme I made!


  2. I found another strange thing while I was surfing the web for Hoid quotes! I put a quote that was supposedly from Hoid into Google Translate and according to @Vin's Haircut it's something that Dalinar said sometime, or it was in the book Way of Kings (Nohadon's book, not BrandoSando's). 

    Here's the snip from Google Translate, do any of you guys know what this is from? According to the website, Hoid said it, but I don't really know whether it's true or not. 


    1. Vin's Haircut

      Vin's Haircut

      Yep. I believe it's in a Dalinar flashback in OB, maaaaybe WoR. I think Gavilar said it about political opponents.

  3. Did anyone else realize that 'Ars Arcanum' in Latin is 'Mysterious Art'?
    My mind is blown! That's so cool!

    ars arcanum.PNG

  4. From the album Art

    I like the beads in this drawing.
  5. From the album Memes!

    I think this captures Kaladin's stubborn nature very well
  6. Hi! Is your profile picture from Laura Hollingsworth's The Silver Eye?

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    2. Liahona


      It is! Hello, fellow Nerdarian!

    3. Ski Spren

      Ski Spren

      Hello, hello! I'm "PigeondoveRocks" in the comment section for The Silver Eye (:

      Yay, this is great! Thanks for following me! :)

    4. Liahona


      Oh, wonderful! I've loved interacting with you over there. I'm "Ari" in the comments and Discord.

      Thank you right back!

  7. Hey, just so you know there are meme forums, one for most Brandon related things (Sanderson Memes in General Discussion), and one for RoW in RoW General Discussion. 

  8. From the album Memes!

    Kaladin: *flies* ... "Eh."
  9. From the album Memes!

  10. From the album Memes!

    This also applies to me when i finally have time to draw.
  11. From the album Memes!

  12. From the album Memes!

    This is basically everyone's plan in Oathbringer.
  13. From the album Memes!

  14. From the album Memes!