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  1. Happy Bday once again my friend! I hope you are having an amazing day.

  2. Mythos thought for a moment, "training montage would be good. 1v1 with nameless would be..." he chuckled, "even I don't want to do that, not yet at least."
  3. He nodded, "that would work too. And, yes, if I let you win it would be cheating. But... wouldn't that show how crafty and cunning you are?"
  4. "I wasn't suggesting dueling Nameless. No, quite the opposite. I suggest you duel me and I let you win, but it won't be easy nevertheless."
  5. He stood up and started pacing the room. Mythos rubbed a silvery button on his black uniform and then smiled. He turned, a mischievous look on his face, "do you think Nameless is listening to this somehow?"
  6. Mythos rubbed his chin, "I see... So you are Nameless' potential successor then, eh? I'm Thaidakar's successor, hopefully we're more allies than old Thaid and Nameless were. Anyways... what if you dueled one of the most powerful people in TLT and won?"
  7. Mythos rubbed his chin, "why exactly do you need it done so soon?"
  8. Mythos nodded, "it might take long, but it'll be more interesting for sure."
  9. Mythos shrugged, "depends on the quest. You'll probably have to find the sword and a way to destroy it first. Maybe there'll be a boss fight afterwards."
  10. "it says something about a quest or something weird like that. I wonder if it has something to do with destroying the sword... anyways, I think going on a quest to destroy it would be interesting enough, what do you think?"
  11. "Valiant... good name. I hope to be good allies, friends perhaps too." Mythos smiled again. "Perhaps I can give you something interesting to do... something very interesting. What do you know of the recent prophesy?"
  12. Mythos smiled, "it's always good to have allies, my friend. What should I call you?"
  13. Your pfp scares me.

    I love it

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      it is the scadrian waffle.

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      Wizard I am sorry I have changed back

      But I will forever remember my time as a waffle

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      Ookla the Myopic

      "THESE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED!" Boomed The Wandering Waffle.

  14. He nodded, "perhaps I can help you with your quest, give you a few interesting things to do." Mythos smiled, "I would love the challenge, but... I don't really have the time right now. If you think balefire is the greatest substance in the universe, you haven't seen what mordite can do."
  15. Gets the glaive of the winter. Inserts decorating for Christmas too late.