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    I dont know anyone named Earl.
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    I aim to take over the world, and others.
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  1. To Goat or not to Goat my dear Horatio.
  2. it was a random quote generator you insert names into it, I thought this worked pretty well but I see what you mean.
  3. Thaidakar turned on his phone and started the Avengers Endgame soundtrack as he pulled out Mjolnir. "REVENGERS ASSEMBLE this is a trap.." (and yes I did mean Revengers)
  4. Thaidakar soon realized he should end this fight as soon as possible and set up peace terms that would freeze all territories gained in the war of Pizza independence from Pineapple.
  5. Thaidakar ignored Robin and healed his wounds as he was a Dustbringer. he attacked Nameless with rage and took a lightsaber to Nameless' throat.
  6. Thaidakar shoots Nameless in the head and pulls out the sword.
  7. I have touched Lego TPBM is not not an ookla.
  8. nope only like the past ten pages. TPBM has read the bands of mourning
  9. Thaidakar shouts at Moni that their boss sucks.
  10. Thaidakar begins making allies, he summons @Szeth's Facepalm and @Szeth_Pancakes if they would help him in his war against the indubitable Nameless.
  11. Granted it insults you until you die (natural, unnatural, suicide) I wish for lunch (im hungry)
  12. All the potato beasts charge at Moni as Thaidakar throws sharp pepperoni at Nameless.
  13. YEE. this place is near a sea.