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  1. well, since I'm a gyorn  guess I gotta try to convert y'all to Shu-Derethi and not Korathi. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CallsignZen


      i’ve had it on hold at the library for like a month and still nothing. i hope whoever’s reading it is enjoying it though

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      whenever you get you'll love it if you like other Brandon books.

    4. CallsignZen


      i’ve read every other book in the cosmere except for white sands which i also have on hold 

  2. @Bejardin1250 the whole point was to confuse you and @mathiau your absuletly right: to quote Draco Malfoy
  3. I am nodding to your response. and here is a cool meme, this might not make sense.
  4. what if he is defeated, just not dead. remember the details of the deal? he said that he would still be alive on Braize and eventually come back. so what if the second half is TOdium coming back and slapping the characters in the back and trying to murder them again.
  5. very interesting. but could the "life will be as white as a sun at night" in OB Ch. 36. be a reference to Shadesmar and it's white sun?
  6. welcome to the shard @Invested_Spaghetti
  7. if I remember correctly there was a part where Moash ate Chiri- Chiri...... Rysn was so mad
  8. here's one, I don't know if it's right but here goes. Sorry if this isn't a proper Ketek. Szeth, Thruthless Szeth. The Thruthless, the Skybreaker. He Szeth- He wields the Sword. Szeth, Truthless Szeth.
  9. Kal in WoR
  10. I would read Mistborn Era 1 before Era 2, then Elantris is always good if you want something more.
  11. Taravangian in every book Cultivation
  12. yep.
  13. Kalladin in like, every book all SA except for WoK, but I think something similar to this has been made before....
  14. as well as Reckoners. Alcatraz is one of the core possibilities of the reckoners verse.