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  1. I've been on the forums for a while, but just found this discussion board! So uplifting to see so many members on here. I just finished rereading the original mistborn trilogy, and now I'm moving on to Era 2 for the first time!
  2. Ooh, fun! What kind of defense did you use?
  3. I'm curious to know Odium is able to sense Moash's thoughts and take away his pain, basically influencing him. I thought shards are only able to hear thoughts and influence their subjects only by hemalurgy, something we saw in the mistborn books. Also, Odium is wounded from the battles with Ambition, Honor, Dominion, and Devotion, and he's confined to Braize, so I'm not sure how he affects and influences his followers so strongly. It seems unlikely that Odium is aware of Hemalurgy, so is it just about being willing to give in to his rule, such as what he tried to do with Dalinar, or singers with voidspren in their gemhearts?
  4. Thank you for having me! My favorite cosmere character is very hard to choose, but I'd say Vivenna, Shallan, and Pattern, and Wyndle.
  5. Funny how so many are complaining about getting smoker or seeker but here I am, having been the only one to get Duralumin gnat. *silent sobbing*
  6. If an aluminum gnat were to swallow both aluminum and a select few different metals, would all the metals be burned away, or just the aluminum? Do you have to be mistborn for the other metals to burn away too?
  7. Also, I decided to name myself after the Pinnacle herrings from the mistborn books. Storing determination to use for later? Yes please!
  8. My brother got me into the Cosmere a few years back, and now I can't get enough of it. I love theorizing, diving into lore, the various magic systems, and just the books in general!