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  1. LC used his narration powers to permanently blast Nameless to the desolate non-cosmere section of the forums.
  2. A&B

    3a! Nice job
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  4. Trololo
  5. Fortunately, LC was a sociopath. It killed Nameless in such a way so that Nameless could never come back, not by the power of narration, nor by any other means.
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    2b 483 - 1b 423 -1b 142 - 0b
  8. LC glared at Nameless, who agreed to let down his resistance to narration for the next five posts.
  9. はた、あしたはあやはたら、あの凛たら新谷璃。
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    1b 0b - 483 - 1b
  11. Double post due to new quote - I can combine if you want mods “It wasn’t a sneeze, I’m just socially inept” - me
  12. @Condensation
  13. Who had thought they were Szeth’s character