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  1. Amazing! I am now imagining trying to teach said slug classroom.
  2. Kiss Nedd, marry Arturo, kill Kimmalyn. I think I would eventually find her annoying Lift, Tien, Gawx
  3. Do or do not, there is no goat
  4. Kiss Renarin, marry Spook, kill Mizzy Tia, Abraham, Cody
  5. Not Lift Not Rock This character likes to eat This character has at least one scene written from this POV This character seemed to be sick
  6. not Lift This character likes to eat This character has had at least one scene written from their POV
  7. Awesome! Okay... This character likes to eat
  8. That artist from Emperor's Soul. I can't remember his name...
  9. Gets the most amazing food to ever exist, grown in the most amazing state. Inserts Idaho
  10. Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo Queen of Shadows, book 4 in the Throne of Glass series
  11. Kiss Sarene, marry Raoden, kill Hrathen Clubs, Dox, Ham
  12. YES! The slugs are amazing. I now feel sad that I changed my profile picture to not be Doomslug anymore...
  13. Today I was sitting on the couch, just thinking about the book that I've been trying to write for years, and I got the best idea! Somehow, I got an amazing idea which allowed me to fix three plot holes by modifying the end just slightly! 

    There's writer's block, but I think that that qualifies as a writer's flood.:P