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  1. I'm so sorry. It's awful to be treated like that, especially by people who should be your friends! Your new haircut looks amazing!!! You don't look like anything they said. You are not a loser I promise. You are amazing. Again, I'm so sorry. If you want to talk or rant or anything, my PMs are open.
  2. I love it! I love that Adam. He is so put together and just incredible.
  3. They look great! Percy Jackson is amazing
  4. Happy Birthday! Have an incredible day! and week! and year! You are amazing :D

    1. Elf of Ooklas

      Elf of Ooklas

      Thanks so much! 

      You're am amazing person 

    2. Ookla the Theoretical
  5. Ronan and Gansey are going to say sorry on three and then neither of them do it and Ronan is disappointed in both of them.
  6. Is the s or the c silent in the word scent?
  7. Yeah I already knew a code almost exactly like this one, so I didn't have to do much cracking.
  8. 21 89 21 55 3 4181 13 21 2584 377 233 3! Although it's slightly more awkward especially near the beginning
  9. It is quite comforting and warm to sleep with a very large stuffed dog.
  10. 19681925! 52925 169814964400 1361 52925144144, 4441400 52925'144144 64148425 400225 922516925 441256 5298140064 36122516925 5291625 400225 40025144144 4006425169 12561324400 :lol: 62525164 81 5291361196'400 4003246258119649 400225 361400251144 81400 36324225169 625225441, 81 100441361400 52911964002516 400225 169112125 1 4006432425116. Sorry that was a whole lot of numbers. I put in spaces because I'm not going to make you translate all of that without spaces!
  11. The height club thread was getting taken over by code so I thought i'd make this @Ookla the Myopic @Ookla the Debonair @Ookla the Perpetual I think you're the only ones on the height club who cracked it. Sorry if I didn't notice anyone!
  12. That makes sense. Understandable struggles You are welcome! :D.
  13. Smart! I've been in school, so I've been using Google and an online calculator.
  14. Maybe we do I am on mobile now, so I will decipher that code later when I can have multiple tabs including a calculator open lol
  15. OH! OH! I GOT IT!!!! 4006481361 81361 1 324251144144625 9225225144 92251625! That took a bit ...If I'm wrong this is going to by funny