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  1. You guys... my parents just told me that I'm going to be taking a taekwondo test in a couple of weeks (to level up to 2nd degree black belt). The issues with this:

    1. I've kinda been hating taekwondo lately and I don't get a choice about doing this
    2. We've been going super inconsistently so I'm unprepared
    3. It's RIGHT AFTER A DAY LONG TAEKWONDO TOURNAMENT THAT I'M ALSO BEING FORCED TO GO TO. So that's a whole Saturday gone which is an issue because
    4. I have lots of homework for the fancy school program I'm doing. It's kinda like college classes; no work done in class, just lectures. Everything is homework
    5. I need to have $200 and a 2 page essay by this Saturday EVEN THOUGH I HAVE LIKE 8 HOURS OF HOMEWORK ALREADY
    6. I'm stressed. And tired. And I don't think my history teacher can grade things properly which is a problem

    In short, this sucks and I'm super stressed

    1. SmilingPanda19


      Hey it’s okay. We are here for you if you need anything. I am absolutely dead serious. Please PM if you need anything, to vent, advice, affirmation, or maybe help with some fancy class homework thinga-ma-jig. We can figure it out together. You’re not alone in this. We will carry this together. You got this. 

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      I’m so sorry Morningtide. Being forced into things you don’t want is horrible. Keep breathing. We’re all here to listen to whatever you need to say, and we care. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and food. You can’t get anything done if your physical needs aren’t met. Like Panda said, you got this.

  2. Hehe. Only certain cities do. The only one I know of that does this is a reaaaall small city that gets basically all it's income from potatoes lol. But Idaho is fantastic and I love it. I think I'm a bit late but I might be going to Dragonsteel. I don't know yet but I really hope so
  3. You're gonna make me cry!! I love them all!! Crash is so incredibly sad and so full of emotion! It's probably my favorite. But I loooove My Rose, My Raven. The duality of that title is incredible
  4. Wha- how... SO SAD!!! but so good! And not really sad, but just emotional ;-; I love it!! You have a real talent!!
  5. Do y'all know those books that are just... melancholy? They feel like homesickness, like a memory, like an echo. They aren't sad, that's not what I'm saying. They just hit on a completely different level. 

    There's this yearning to them and a desperate sort of longing that you feel when you read them, especially as you finish them. Each book feels like a collection of Moments and you connect with them on an incredibly personal level. 

    I feel like these books would be different for everyone, but for me it's The Raven Cycle, The Scorpio Races, parts of Words of Radiance, Piranesi, and Ender's Shadow. 

    I recently saw a thing about liminal spaces and for some reason these books feel like liminal spaces. I don't have a clue why. 



    I just wondered if anyone could relate

    1. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      Interesting. I think whenever I happen to pick up a Harry Potter book, I kind of get that weird feeling. They are connected to my past, since for a while I was pretty obsessed with the whole world of it and knew a lot of trivia and such. Now... I'm not the same person. That's something I'm coming to realize about myself now vs. how I was a few years ago. And so seeing the vaguely familiar words and sentences now just feels a little off.

    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      I get that feeling for Ender's Shadow, and also for parts of Name of the Wind, and probably a couple others too but those are the first that come to mind. To me, they're like comfort books, places I can go that will always be the same even when everything else changes.

  6. Someday we're going to be really old and some kid will be going on about this cool fantasy author they found and we're all going to think it's super weird that there are fans who were born after Stormlight 8 or something crazy
  7. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday with my birthday gift cards! I got 3 books and put several on a list. 

    The first one I got was The Atlas Six, which I read last week and absolutely LOVED. It's very good dark academia.

    The second was Piranesi, which I also read last week and adored. I don't even know how to describe this one but every single person should read it. It's wonderful. 

    The third was The Brothers Hawthorne, which is a companion to the Inheritance Games series, which was great. It just came out yesterday and I'm excited to read it!

    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Ooh!! That’s so fun! Barnes and Noble is one of the greatest places on earth. I’ll have to try those!

    2. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Piranesi was such a thought-provoking book.

      Its writing was truly special.

    3. Morningtide


      Yes! It was fascinating and written so beautifully. 

  8. I love them!! Your style is so cool! The colors are awesome
  9. Happy birthday!! Your poetry is incredible!!

  10. Both of my parents have doctorates in science fields, and I think that their understanding of science has been incredibly impactful to mine. I've found a very good balance between science and religion, partially because I believe that our current understanding of science and the universe is very limited.
  11. I got Skyward for Christmas one year and Mistborn the next. The rest is history! I fell in love with his books
  12. Ykyasf when you write down Stormlight characters on a list of "most impactful people in your life"
  13. That is an absolutely beautiful piece of writing. do you want hugs? It seems like you might need hugs
  14. I friggin love thunderstorms. They're the absolute best type of weather. 

    It's absolutely pouring here and there's some impressive thunder. It's amazing

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    2. Morningtide
    3. Slowswift


      The ambient light when it's overcast and about to rain/has rained beats any other kind. It just makes everything feel so alive.

    4. Morningtide


      Yes! That's a fantastic way to put it. There's such a sense of anticipation