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  1. I think it will probably be FM, Kimmalyn, and Jorgen. It might be that new girl Sadie though. It seems like Brandon might want to write from her persepective.
  2. I am not sure that I agree that Kelsier is "connected" to another shard, but I do like that @silver-the-thruhiker linked some of his central character traits to shards. It makes me wonder if we can connect other people's character traits to shards. It's just interesting to me that @silver-the-thruhiker could find shards that fit so well into Kelsier's persona.
  3. Kaladin has said that his eyes stay light longer the more he summons Syl. During his time with the Wall Guard in Kholinar, he said that he had to summon Syl several times a day to get his eyes to stay light. Somewhere near the beginning of Rhythm of War, he said that his eyes had started to stay light for longer, and possibly forever.
  4. I love this theory! This makes way more sense than any of the groups of 4 that I have seen. I have always thought that the Shards would be related to more that one Dawnshard in more than one way, but I've never been able to spell it out like this
  5. I like Keeper of Wisdom, Keeper of War, and Knights of Wisdom and Truth. The "and" is iffy, but I guess it works.
  6. I love this theory. I noticed that almost every Tier One reference was a point in the book where the drama just gave me chills. Like Brandon was directly drawing attention to each of those phrases. Coincidence? I think not.
  7. Oh! I didn't notice that! Good point. I wonder if Taravangian is consciously using the shard to decrease his bane, or if it is naturally decreasing both his boon and bane, returning him to normal intelligence and compassion. If he is using the shard to decrease the bane, the Cosmere is going to have to deal with a super-smart Odium... not good
  8. Oooh. Nice theory. I agree. Aluminum has always had interesting properties. Now that you mention this, I can even see implications in other books. If this is true, I wonder what Brandon will do with it in the future...
  9. I think that the second theory has the most merit. Kaladin's other oaths have all been making progress toward him not beating himself up, and this seems like a natural progression. "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves" - Redemption for Tien "I will protect those I hate so long as it is right" - Giving him peace of mind about Elhokar "I accept that there will be those I cannot protect" - Allowing himself to fail "I will allow myself to be protected" - Allowing himself to rely on others and admit that he is not alone
  10. Thanks, @mdross81 for the answer. I was just wondering if I had missed something important. The clarification is great!
  11. Is there a specific WoB that led to your conclusion that the Dawnshards were those four you mentioned? I understand Change, but there are so many different theories that I was wondering if I missed something.
  12. In Mistborn, the LR uses Preservation's power in the Well without ascending. Is it possible that Kaladin once used Honor's power in the same way? I was thinking, and Kaladin is the only modern Radiant to bond one of the Stormfather's original Honorspren. Syl's status and/or age might have something to do with this. It does seem that Kaladin is gaining powers from Syl that other Windrunners are not. (e.g. prowess with weapons, parting the storm, etc.)
  13. I think that if the Lord Ruler was Thaidakar and his death left an opening for Kelsier, we would have heard something about that in SH. By the time SH is over, it seems like the Ghostbloods would have replaced their leader if he died.
  14. I agree
  15. Agreed. This is one of my main problems with Starsight