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  1. I'll have to try and keep out of the SA forums until I finish OB, I guess. My curiosity might get the better of me though... Thanks for the advice! I've read both excerpts in AU and I do find prose much better, personally. Tough question! Kaladin's an obvious choice, but I'm really enjoying Oathbringer's focus on Dalinar. Really interested in Renarin too, since I'm getting to see more of him than before. Outside of the SA, it's probably Wax & Wayne. Wit/Hoid is definitely up there too! What about you?
  2. Hi! Cosmere fan here, almost done on my first read. I'm currently midway through SA (near the start of Oathbringer) and I've read all the rest ('cept White Sand). Unfortunately I've spoiled myself a ton on places like Coppermind, but hey, journey before destination.