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  1. Feruchemy, mostly for the healing. (I've broken three bones in the last year and I was in quarantine for most of it.) You?
  2. Goat is far too important to ever speak seriously about. I'm the goating lizard king.
  3. Just looked it up. It's a book by Allen Zadoff, though I had never heard of him before this.
  4. "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my goat. Prepare to die."
  5. False. Chromebooks are the way to go. TPBM has, in the past month, had friends tell them in no uncertain terms to stop talking about Branderson or they will be removed from the group chat.
  6. Western PA: We all speak Pittsburghese, which basically means 'yinz' instead of 'you,' adding "'n'at" to the end of every clause, and talking like you're garbling stones. Wayne would love it. We're all die hard Steelers fans (Stillers in Pittsburghese). SINKHOLES!!!
  7. Rewatching Lost and also getting hooked on Blacklist. James Spader is heavenly.
  8. Daughtry's new 'Heavy is the Crown.' Or as I like to call it, Elend's theme song.
  9. I might prefer to read a book called the Puppy War. The title has merit, depending on the author.
  10. Ah, you should try them. I'd recommend either Legion or Skyward to start.
  11. Hey, why not? Add me to the PM, please.
  12. True. What's your favorite non-Cosmere novel of his?
  13. Thanks! Probably either Kaladin or Sazed. You?
  14. Heya! I'm new to the server and pretty new to Brandon as well, but I'm coming along with his books. In the middle of BoM, Oathbringer, and Arcanum Unbound, but once i finish that plus RoW, I'm all caught up!