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  1. So I'm saying that the fused can potentially steal Nightblood and lock it away. You're saying any lock can be picked. I believe you are underestimating the precautions the fused/Todium would take if they secured Nightblood. I'm basically saying your theory of Szeth cleansing Roshar is way too optimistic and there are other realistic scenarios that anti light provides the Radiants with.
  2. I just read this and I have to comment: Are you using possibly the most insane person that we've seen so far in the cosmere to justify someone else's sanity level?
  3. Well I don't think the fused will advertise a hackathon for any Radiant to participate in. You realize you are using the best case scenarios right?
  4. Oh I never said they would use Nightblood. I just figured they would lock away the infinite ammo, infinite range, auto-aim weapon away and leave the Radiants without an option.
  5. You are also risking giving the enemy Nightblood. You are assuming best case scenarios too much I think.
  6. Yes and there is more than one solider on the Radiant side. Do you not want to equip them with weapons that can kill fused?
  7. The answer is in your question. Because it can't be replicated.
  8. That we can genuinely agree on. I'm not saying that Navani is Roshar's Nikola Tesla (although she is the best mind that the Radiant side have in terms of advancing their technology). I'm just saying that lets not downplay her contribution towards the cause.
  9. I agree. I don't understand why there are different types of guns? We should have just stopped at the first one.
  10. He said discovered not created. Either way, you're right of course; why would we give credit to a person that has discovered a way to kill the fused and help the war effort?
  11. Yes that trophy is looking shiny in an unknown's persons collection who is currently adding zero value to the war effort while Navani is continuing to accrue the advantage/information for the radiant side.
  12. Doesnt matter how long I've been here...besides you and maybe a couple of others, the replies I've gotten so far are "NOPE I DONT AGREE" while I am writing so many points to make my argument. So you can understand the frustration kolo? I get your point of Kaladin unifying people that are close to ending their life but is that the only measure of unification now? So the manager at any workplace shouldn't get credit for doing a good job since he is just managing like minded people? Anyways I don't have much more to say on this topic. Sorry if I disrespected anyone but we can agree to disagree at this point.
  13. That's my whole point...Who had the foresight of designing a flying ship? Were fabrials having a great boom during Gavilar's reign? I actually stopped responding to you specifically on a previous thread because you offer no counter arguments and literally said "I don't agree with your statement". If you actually want to offer input instead of just saying "I don't agree", i will respond but so far I haven't seen much.
  14. Uniting Bridge 4 is a great feat and I agree with you that Kaladin is a very good 'unifier' and not a divider. With that said, I will use the same logic other people have used against Navani to undermine his feat: 'He just united people that were already there and working towards the goal of being the best bridge crew' - Where did the scholars get the direction and design for their fabrials? Where did they get the funding from? Was there a fabrial boom during Gavilar's reign? 'It was actually Teft that did a lot of the grunt work while Kaladin just ordered people around' - Everyone needs help. Navani needs help. Kaladin needs help. Dalinar needs help. 'Rock started the tradition of the stew which Bridge 4 hold so closely' - We don't talk about the ripple effects of having Navani in charge but I feel like the scholars/fabrial designers are at ease right now knowing they have a leader like Navani looking after them. The thing I want to get across is that you can turn a lot of things against each other because you've made up your mind and refuse to see the other side. I believe Kaladin and Dalinar are great unifiers but who else? We can discount current radiants since we haven't seen anyone bond 2 spren yet.
  15. Lets ask another question to the people that think Navani doesn't unify: Who besides Dalinar has brought more people together than Navani and actually achieved results? Also, we should dismiss the idea that Dalinar united Roshar by himself, he leaned on Navani a lot. This lady united the tunes of odium+honor - something one of the smartest fused thought impossible.