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  1. I like the look here better than the typical Morpheus lookings dudes
  2. This gave me the chills! super cool! I cant imagine how many hours of work went into this. thanks for sharing!
  3. That's a great take on ranette! Her ults would be so broken in the right circumstances haha.
  4. Marasi Colms Ranged Assasssin Constable: Created by Gobsmack AutoAttack - Scoped Rifle. Slow attack speed, high damage, long range. Q - Scoped Shot. long range skillshot. Deal damage. If you hit a hero, the cooldown is 2 seconds. W - Flashbang. Deal damage and blind in an area for 3 seconds. E - Burn Cadmium. After 1 seconds, Slow the movement speed and attack speed of yourself and all other heroes within a radius by 90% for up to 3 seconds. Auto attacks aimed at heroes inside the radius from outside the radius have a 25% chance to hit any other hero in the circle instead, and a 50% chance to do 0 damage. Can end this effect early. R(1) - Primer Cube. Throw an Ettmetal Primer Cube. When you use Burn Cadmium (E), this replicates it where it lands. Lasts 3 seconds. R(2) - Ettmetal Bomb. Target an area. launch a bomb out of an overhead airship that deals large damage in an area. Global range. D - Statistician. Active. Point out the weaknesses of a foe. Reduce that hero’s armor by 15 for 3 seconds. Talent Ideas: Activatable: Warmth Medallion. Immune to roots and slows for 5 seconds. Q - Ladies’ Target Club Champion. Hitting the same hero with your Q within 5 seconds deals bonus damage. Q - Broken Windows Theory. Deal bonus damage with your Q to heroes under 50% health. Q - Something to Prove. Hitting a disabled enemy hero with Scooped Shot reduces it's cooldown to 1 second. Q/W - Crippling Shot. Slow heroes you hit with Scoped Shot while they’re blinded from Flash Bang by 40% for 3 seconds. W - Crime Statistics. Increase your movement speed by 15% if you hit 2 heroes with Flash Bang. D - Find the Deviations. If a hero has an ability on cooldown when you target them with Statistician, reduce their armor by 25 instead of 15. E - Appropriate Resistance. Refresh the cooldown of Burn Cadmium when stunned. E - Investiture Blueshift. Allied auto attacks always hit the target they were aimed at. E - lvl 13/16 - Cadmium Savant. Your bubble follows your movement. Quest: increase your movement speed and attack speed while Burn Cadmium is active by 1% for each second an enemy hero is slowed by Burn Cadmium. Can stack 90 times. (How this works: if one hero is slowed for the whole 3 seconds, the next time you use the ability, your movement speed will only be slowed by 87% instead of 90%. On the next one, If you trap 3 heroes for 2 seconds each, that will decrease to 81%.) E - lvl 20 upgrade - Cadmium Control. Allied Heroes are no longer affected by Burn Cadmium. R(1) - lvl 20 upgrade - Reactive Metal. Primer Cube stays on even if you cancel E. The Duration of the effect is extended by 2 seconds every time a hero dies. You can cancel the duration by pressing R. R(2) - Extra Munitions. Gain a second charge of R(2). There's a 10 second cooldown between uses.
  5. Wayne Bruiser Hat Enthusiast: Created by Gobsmack Auto Attack - Dueling Canes. Melee auto attack. Low Damage, High attack speed. Q - Crippling Blow. Dash forward a short distance, Stop at the first enemy hero you come into contact with and slam your Dueling Canes into them, damaging them and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. W - Burn Bendalloy. After .5 seconds, Wayne creates a small “speed bubble” of compressed time around him for 2 seconds. He can bring the closest enemy hero in melee range into the bubble with him. The pair are in stasis. During this time their cooldowns refresh 5x faster. -If alone, Wayne exits the bubble stealthed for 5 seconds (unrevealable for 1 second). -If with an enemy, Wayne deals # damage to them when the bubble ends. E - Disguise. Select an enemy hero. Wayne prepares a disguise of them. Once Wayne activates this ability again, he appears as that hero to the enemy team, including on the mini-map. (there would be two icons of the same hero if they have vision of him.) While he’s disguised he can’t be targeted by auto attacks. And unlike typical stealth, enemy forts won't reveal or attack him. Lasts 20 seconds, or until he attacks or gets hit by an ability. Can be revealed through a hero ability. R(1) - Make a Trade. Trade for an opponent’s basic ability. Press R, click on an enemy hero, then press Q, W, or E. Wayne moves up to that hero and then after .25 seconds trades that ability for the ability: “Knick-knack: Wayne has given you a useless knick-knack. You can throw it but it won't do anything. 7 second cooldown.” The opponent must use Knick-Knack then wait 7 seconds before they can use that ability again. While Knick-knack is there or on cooldown, the cooldown of that ability is paused. Meanwhile, Wayne’s R gets replaced with the Traded ability. This ability has a 50 spell power buff on it. He can use that ability once*, and then his R(1) cooldown begins. *The ability taken is an exact snapshot of the enemy's ability. So in the case of Wax, whatever Hazekiller Round is selected to be shot, is the one Wayne would shoot. With Shallan, he’d used whatever personality bonus she currently would qualify for. R(2) - Gold Medallion Necklace. Wayne uses a powerful necklace goldmind which grants the effects of a healing fountain. During this time his basic ability cooldowns refresh 5x faster (does not stack with the cooldown refresh of Burn Bendalloy). Short Cooldown. D - Tap GoldMinds. Heal # hp. Has 5 charges. 40 second cooldown. Talent Ideas: Autoattack - lvl 20 upgrade - Whack!. Auto attacks deal 20% more damage and slow by 20% for 1 second. Autoattack - Exercisin. Quest: hit heroes with auto attacks 100 times. Reward: Auto attacks reduce basic ability cooldowns by .25 seconds. D/Q - Bloodmaker. Hitting a hero with Crippling Blow increases the healing of Tap GoldMind to # hp. Q - Lets Dance. Increase the length of your dash. Instead of stopping at the first hero hit, pass through all enemy heroes in a line, dealing damage and slowing them all. Q/E - Surprise!. Using Q to break Disguise deals # bonus damage to the first hero hit. Q/W - Knock-out strike. Hitting a hero with Q right after using Burn Bendalloy on them deals 5% of their max hp as damage. Activatable - We Need to Talk. Bring the nearest ally in melee range with you in a speed bubble, You’re both stasised for 2 seconds, gain 5x cooldown reduction, and your ally recovers # health when it ends. Shares a cooldown with Burn Bendalloy. W - Slider: If an enemy hero dies 1 second after ending , refresh the cooldown. W - The More the Merrier. Can bring 2 enemies into a speed bubble with you. You deal damage to both enemies. W - Flare Bendalloy. Deal bonus damage to targets hit with Burn Bendalloy that were disabled when the speed bubble started. E - Blend into the Crowd. Gain stealth for 1 second after your disguise ends. E - Just Need the Right Hat. Quest: Disguise yourself as every hero on the enemy team and hit that hero while you’re disguised as them. After you’ve done this, gain 10 spell power. E - Quiet you!. While disguised as a hero, that hero cannot chat or ping. E - Lvl 20 upgrade - Keeping Tabs. While disguised as a hero, you have vision of that hero. E - Tricky Wayne. Can use Disguise on an ally. R(1) - Two for the price of one! Wayne gives two stacks of Knick-Knack (there is a 2 second cooldown between uses of Knick-Knack), and the traded ability Wayne takes has 100 spell power. R(2) - The Good Stuff. Wayne gains unstoppable for 2 seconds after R(2) ends.
  6. Waxilliam "Wax" Ladrian, Ranged Assassin Lawman: Created by Gobsmack Autoattack - Vindication. Fires 6 rounds at a high speed then 1.5 second to reload. If he hasn't fired in 1.5 seconds he starts back at the beginning of the cycle. 6 full shots does high damage. Q - Fire Hazekiller Round. Wax fires off a special Hazekiller Round, then he shoots the Hazekiller Round with a steelpushed bullet, which deflects the Hazekiller Round toward the direction you indicate. Use Vector Targeting (Vector Targeting is a mechanic on some abilities that decides how they are aimed. On the initial cast the anchor point of the ability is set, and then the player selects a direction the ability will be oriented towards. This 2-step process takes a bit more accuracy than a regular skillshot that has its direction based on the player's orientation, but is provides a great deal more flexibility with how it is cast.) to click and drag while casting to determine when and where the bullet gets deflected. This ability has a set distance it can travel, and how close you vector target to Wax determines the length of each line the bullet travels down. When you hit a hero deal # damage and cause a different effect based on the selected Hazekiller Round. Two charges. There's a 2 second cooldown between uses. W - Tap Ironminds. Passive: Wax moves 10% faster than standard. Active: activate to become unstoppable at the cost of becoming 25% slower than standard for 3 seconds. E - Shotgun Push. Deal damage in a cone and dash in the opposite direction. R(1) - Crasher. Select a location in a range. Wax shoots into the ground and steelpushes off that into the air towards the location. As he does, he taps a great deal of weight. The subsequent crash when he lands damages and stuns all enemies in a radius for .75 seconds. R(2) - Standoff. Suppress an enemy hero within range for 2 seconds as you two staredown. Then Taunt them for 1.5 seconds, while they’re taunted, you unload Vindication on them: you fire 6 auto attacks and then two Hazekiller Rounds as auto attacks. During this time you can move and Wax will still shoot. D - Passive: Steel Bubble. While auto attacking and using abilities, you have 50 physical armor. Active: Select Hazekiller Round. Activate to rotate between one of four different Hazekiller rounds. Whichever one is active is the one you'll fire with your Q and R(2). -Coinshot Killer: silences and slows target by 15% for 1 seconds. -Lurcher Killer: deal 75% splash damage in an area around target. -Tineye Killer: Blinds all heroes in a large aoe around target for 2 seconds. -Pewterarm Killer: deals 5% of target's max hp as damage. Talent ideas: Activatable - Steel button. Wax has a steel button on his vest for emergency use. Gain 2 activatable abilities that share a 60 second cooldown. -Burn Steel Button: gain # mana instantly. -Push Steel Button: a skillshot that deals damage. Activatable - Harmony's Agent. Wax uses his Hemalurgic Earring. Gain 20 spell power for 4 seconds. W - Skimmer. Gain 25 spell armor while W is active. D - Pushing Bullets. The first bullet you fire after using a basic ability deals bonus damage to heroes equal to 2% of their max hp. Q - Dodge this. If you hit a hero with a deflected Hazekiller Round, deal bonus damage.
  7. Shallan Devar Support Lightweaver: Created by Gobsmack Auto attack - throws balls of darkness. Weak damage. Slow attack speed. Q - Soulcast. Skillshot. Aiming this ability represents trying to understand their soul. You succeed when the skillshot lands. Become Radiant. -Fire (Radiant): aim at enemy hero. ignite them, causing them to take damage-over-time over 4 seconds. Enemy heroes also take damage while touching the burning hero. -Smoke (Veil): aim at either enemy or ally. Create a cloud of smoke in the area where this hits. You and allies in this cloud have 50 physical armor. Cloud lasts 4 seconds. -Stone (Shallan): aim at allied hero. Harden their skin, giving them 25 armor for 4 seconds. W - Untamed Tongue. Channel for 2 seconds, then insult an enemy hero dealing damage to them. (This is a ranged point and click) Become Vale. -Radiant: Stun target for .75 seconds. -Veil: Blind target for 4 seconds. -Shallan: Silence target for 2 seconds. E - Lightweaver. Can make a decoy of any member of her team. That decoy moves randomly and auto attacks enemy heroes. By default these decoys deal no damage and take 2x damage. Abilities that reveal stealth reveal the decoys for what they are. Become Shallan. -Radiant: Decoys deal 25% damage with abilities and auto attacks. (Decoy abilities will not CC) -Veil: Also creates a Decoy of Shallan. -Shallan: Decoys heal target ally for 40% of damage they would do. R(1) - Ghostblood: Cast a powerful illusion on your entire team, stealthing everybody. Has global range. Unrevealable for 1 second, then 4 seconds of normal stealth. -Radiant: The first attack a hero makes to break that stealth deals # extra damage. -Veil: You and allies gain 50% movement speed while stealth lasts (specifically only applies to Ghostblood induced stealth, which overrides other stealth effects). -Shallan: The first attack a hero makes to break that stealth heals # hp. R(2) - Illusive Army: Call forth an army of illusions that charge forward. If an illusion touches an enemy hero, that enemy is slowed by 50% and takes 25% extra damage for 2 seconds, duration refreshes every time an illusion hits. D - Broken. Shallan has 3 personalities. Each basic ability brings out a different one. Each personality changes Shallan's appearance and gives her a different bonus. -Active Ability: Dominant Personality. At Level 1, pick a personality you can instantly switch to. -Passive ability: Each Personality has a different passive bonus. Shallan: Mana recharges 50% faster. Veil: Enter stealth after 2 seconds of not attacking or using an ability. Radiant: Gain 10 armor. Talent ideas. D - Lvl 1, This talent level is reserved for selecting a “Dominant Personality”. Activatable - lvl 20 ability - Draw. Begin drawing. Channel for 5 seconds. this gives a spren to your allies which gives them a one time use ability. -Radiant - fear spren, ally can activate an ability to make their next auto attack against a hero fear that hero for .5 seconds. -Veil - anger spren, ally can activate an ability to gain 50% attack speed for 4 seconds. -Shallan - creation spren, ally can activate an ability to gain 20 spell power for 3 seconds. D - Lvl 20 upgrade - Control. Gain two active abilities (that would be set to 1 and 2) that let you instantly switch to the Personalities you didn’t select as your Dominant Personality. They share a cooldown with Dominant Personality. Q/W - Biting Remark. If you land Q, only channel for 1 second on W if used right after. (This will always give W the Radiant effect, which is the .75 sec stun) W - Quick Retort. If you are stunned, rooted or silenced can immediately cast W without needing to channel. R(1) - lvl 20 upgrade - Secret Agent. Stealth lasts indefinitely. (to clarify, attacking or being attacked breaks stealth, but if neither happens you and/or an ally can stay stealthed forever.) R(2) - lvl 20 upgrade - Resonance. Using a mix of lightweaving and soulcasting your illusions are now solid. They can block skillshots and deal # damage when hitting a target.
  8. Raoden Healer Cursed Prince: Created by Gobsmack Auto attack - draws Aon Daa. This emits a burst of light that strikes its target with considerable explosive force. This attack has high damage and a slow rate of fire. -Elantrian bonus: Auto attacks deal 75% splash damage. Q - Aon Ien. Channel for 1 seconds then heal an allied hero a large amount. -Elantrian bonus: Aon Ien heals you too. Leave a floating glyph that you and allies can walk through and be healed for a smaller amount. Each hero has a 10 second cooldown between uses of the glyph. 1 glyph can be on the battlefield at a time. W - Aon Ehe. Channel for 2 seconds then place a glyph within a range on the ground. Activate this ability again to create a column of fire there that deals large damage to all enemies in the AOE. The glyph has one use then the cooldown begins. -Elantrian bonus: 1 second after detonating Aon Ehe, Aon Ehe detonates again. E - Aon Eso. Channel for 2 seconds then place a glyph within a range on the ground. Activate this ability again to make the an impassable wall appear for 2 seconds. (press e again to deactivate early.) The glyph has one use then the cooldown begins. -Elantrian bonus: the wall lasts 3 seconds and knocks back and deals damage to enemies. Enemies are slowed 15% for 2 seconds after they're knocked back. R(1) - Aon Tia. Select a location where you have vision anywhere on the battlefield. Channel for 4 seconds then a large glyph appears on the ground beneath you and at the location. When you activate this ability again, you and any allies standing on either of the locations are instantly teleported to the other location. The glyphs have one use then the cooldown begins. R(2) - Aon Kii. Causes the guilty to feel pain. Channel for 3 seconds then all enemy heroes take large damage and are slowed by 80% progressively over 5 seconds. The damage and slow are progressive, meaning that it increases over the duration. The 1st second the slow amount is only 20% and the damage is minimal, 2nd second that increases to 40% and a bit more damage, so on. D - The Sheod. Passive Ability: Quest: Raoden has been cursed by the magic of Elantris. This has several effects: -He cannot be healed. Not by himself, allies, returning to base, healing fountains or health globes. -When he drops to 0 hp, instead of dying, he becomes hoed. This grants the enemy team half the experience of a normal hero kill. his movement speed is decreased by 50%, he becomes invulnerable, can no longer use abilities, mount or auto attack. He can then heal himself from being hoed by drinking from a healing fountain. (until he becomes Elantrian this is the only time he can use the healing fountain.) Doing this heals him fully over 5 seconds. This will put his healing fountain on cooldown. (In heroes of the storm each fort/keep has a healing fountain by it that heroes can use to heal themselves. theres like a 90 second cooldown between uses) -During combat he learns how to fix the curse. After hitting heroes 30 times with Aon Ehe (W), he becomes an Elantrian. This allows him to receive healing from all sources once again, gives him bonus effects on all his abilities and auto attacks, and changes the hoed status so that his movement speed is no longer dropped. Talent ideas: Lvl 1 talents: Activatable ability: Seon. Send a Seon out to accompany an allied hero for 10 seconds. Decide which seon you will use by your choice of talent at level 1. -Ien: Allied Hero heals over time for the duration. Cooldown 40 seconds. -Ashe: Allied Hero has 20% larger vision radius and can see stealthed units for the duration. Cooldown 30 seconds. -Dio: Allied Hero gains a stack of block, granting 50 physical armor. The stack recharges after 1 second for the duration. Cooldown 25 seconds. Auto Attack - Force of Will. Auto Attacks slow enemies hit by 10%. Auto Attack/Q - Chained Aons. Every hero damaged by your auto attack decreases the cooldown of Aon Ien (Q). W/E - Activatable - Flexible Schemes. Activating this lets you move a previously placed Glyph without activating it and putting it on cooldown. You still have to channel before the new one can be placed. Q/D - Shard Pool. Your healing fountain cooldown decreases by 2 seconds every time you heal allies with Aon Ien (Q) (this includes heroes walking through the Glyph). Q - Aon Ene. When an allied hero receives healing from the channelled ability, they gain 20 spell power for 3 seconds. Q - Aon Shao. When an allied hero receives healing from the channelled ability, they’re stealthed for 2 seconds. Q/W - The Spirit of Elantris. Can have 3 Eon Ien (Q) glyphs out at once. Hitting 2 or more heroes with Aon Ehe (W) instantly refreshes allied heroes Eon Ien glyph cooldowns. W/E - Hidden Aons. your placed glyphs are stealthed. W/E - Aon Ate. If an enemy hero is hit by Aon Ehe (W) 3 seconds after being knocked back by Aon Eso (E), they’re silenced for 2 seconds. W - Shifting Aon. placed Aon Ehe (W) glyphs will slowly move towards nearby closest enemy hero in a small radius until it is directly under them. W - Aon Nae. The area of Aon Ehe (W) is 20% larger. W - Aon Ashe. Enemies are blinded for 3 seconds if hit by the second strike of Aon Ehe (W). W - Aon Omi. When you activate Aon Ehe (W), allies in the area are cleansed. W - Aon Dor Adept. If you hit 2 heros with both strikes of Aon Ehe (W) your next cast of Aon Ehe can be placed instantly. E - Quick Fingers. decrease the cooldown of Aen Eso (E) by 5 seconds. Quest: knocking back 20 heroes with E reduces the cast time by 1 second.
  9. Thats a cool concept! I'd like to know a bit more about how his Z actually works. Also do breaths replace mana?
  10. I'm loving seeing so many different concepts! Lift makes perfect sense as a healer. @mathiau here's the Dalinar I made. The big difference here is his R(2) which turns him into more of a bruiser. I think it demonstrates really well the benefit of being able to chose from 2 or more different ults. It allows me to explore both sides of Dalinar. Dalinar Kholin Support Bondsmith Created by Gobsmack Autoattack - throws blue fire. Moderate damage. Moderate attack speed. Q - Shared Vision. Choose an enemy hero, after 2.5 seconds both you and them fall asleep for 3 seconds. This effect ends if either gets attacked. W - Radiant Synergy. Empower an ally. The next time they use a basic ability, the cooldown is decreased by 10 seconds. Can only cast on one ally at a time, and this ability’s cooldown doesn’t begin until the ally has used it. E - Adhesion. Create an area of the ground where enemies who step will be rooted for 1 second. R(1) - Honor’s Perpendicularity. Channel for 5 seconds. While you channel, gain unstoppable. All allies in an area around you gain 100 spell power, 300% mana regen and their basic ability cooldowns recharge 3x faster. R(2) - The Blackthorn. Dalanar chooses to renounce his oaths and give into Odium. Active: Charge forward, if you hit an enemy hero stun them for 1 second (this would be a short cooldown). Passive: gain a new passive and activatable ability: -Passive - Oathbringer. Replace your auto attack with a powerful melee auto attack, and put on Shardplate, increasing your hp by 1000. However, all your basic ability cooldowns are increased by 2x, as well as your trait and activatable abilities not granted by The Blackthorn. -Activatable - The Thrill. Passive: Quest: auto attacks increase your attack damage by .1. Active: become unstoppable for 1 second and increase your auto attack speed by 100% for 5 seconds. (For those not in the know, an activatable skill is an extra ability that is set to a number key. so Dalanar would have Q, W, E, R, D, 1 as the keys he has different abilities on.) D - Stormfather’s Sight. Reveal a location on the battlefield. Reveal stealthed and hidden heroes. Talent Ideas. Activatable ability - Bondsmith. Can channel on a building and repair it. Repairs # health per second, draining # mana per second. Doesn’t work on destroyed buildings. 60 sec cooldown. Q - Diplomacy. If Shared Vision lasts the full 3 seconds, the target is silenced for 2 seconds. Q - Prevent the True Desolation. When Shared Vision ends the target's damage is reduced by 50% for 3 seconds. R(either) - lvl 16 upgrade - This talent has a different effect depending on your chosen ult: -R(1) - Oathpact. You and allies in the radius gain 25 spell armor. -R(2)/The Thrill - Wind Stance. Basic attacks grant you 10% movement speed for 1 second. While The Thrill is active, basic attacks against heroes deal bonus damage to the primary target equal to 1% of their maximum hp. R(1) - lvl 20 upgrade - You Cannot Have My Pain!. All allies in the radius gain one charge of Radiant Synergy. R(2)/The Thrill - lvl 20 upgrade - Odium’s Champion. When you activate The Thrill, allies around you also become unstoppable for 1 second and increase their auto attack speed by 100% for 5 seconds.
  11. @Kingsdaughter613 I just read through your Kelsier stuff. It's super wild and would be an awesome pve challenge. For him to really work as a playable character personally i'd adapt and change a few of the ideas you mentioned, but for somebody who's never played a moba you've already come out swinging with a great concept.
  12. see i always just use the coppermind wiki for reference. it's worked pretty well for me so far.
  13. Ooh how fun. Your take on dalanar is real close to mine in some major ways. I'll probably post mine tomorrow and you can see.
  14. Nope, Hero is just the term used for player character. League of Legends calls them Champions, Heroes of the Storm calls them Heroes. Since i'm more familiar with the latter its my go to nomenclature. So even a villain character is called a "Hero". There isn't a hard and fast rule for what sort of abilities should go on what key but there are commonalities: Skillshots (abilities you have to aim) tend to be placed on Q. Abilities that affect an area on the ground are often placed on W. Escape/dash abilites tend to be placed on E. Your ultimate is placed on R. D is reserved for your trait, All heroes have their own unique Trait (also known as a passive) that has a heavy impact on how that hero plays. Usually the Trait is a permanent effect that is always active, and is simply a descriptor for the unique mechanic the hero can utilize. Many heroes have an active Trait used by pressing the D hotkey, and work as an extra ability at no cost. Others have a passive Trait but can press the Trait's hotkey to disable a channeled ability, or through a Talent can activate the Trait for an effect. Hope that helps!