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  1. When you see mists out during the day and expect to have a seizure and be sick for 16 days
  2. Welcome to the shard! Which allomantic or feruchemical power would you want?
  3. Haven't we all haha
  4. iirc the Cryptics sent more than one to scout her out, one of which being Pattern, I think. Something similar to how a bunch of honorspren were scouting out Bridge Four while they were still squires.
  5. Interesting theory, I would just have assumed that both of their madness and mantras come from just being driven insane from pain, not necessarily anything deeper realmatically. In most cases, I think, when the mind or something else "leaves" within the cosmere, it is gone for good, and can only be replaced by a "spiritual patch", (think Kaladin healing from a shardblade wound, his original arm in his spiritweb is replaced by something similar). If, say, the mind were to leave, I doubt it can be simply brought back with something else other than a fake, so Raoden returning and the other hoed healing without outside interference are likely impossible. That being said, it's got me thinking about the implications of this and Emperor's Soul, where the emperor's mind has departed and a new one must be made. This could be something similar to what you suggest, I think.
  6. Oh that’s fine with me, but meddling with past shenanigans and stuff is too far
  7. Good, time travel in my cosmere? Unacceptable. In all seriousness, I'm glad time travel will never be a part of the narrative, given its complexities.
  8. The paperback will be coming out sometime in the fall, I think. I read Rhythm of War by buying the hardcover and then giving it to the friend (who collects hardcovers and hadn't read RoW) who gifted me my first copy of WoK. Worked out for everyone! That being said, you could always do something like that if you're ok with spending the money and then donating it to a library.
  9. I suppose if there were two perpendicularities open for only a certain amount of time, one on Roshar and one on Scadrial, you couldn't pop out of a perpendicularity when it isn't there, so, at least in my mind, you would reappear at the correct time, I think. That being said, the amount of time you comprehend spending in the spiritual realm before coming out the other side could be debated. Or, for the sake of argument, what if you were able to pop out of any perpendicularity that has or will existed, effectively leading to time travel? That's my two cents at least.
  10. Personally, my favorite word is shenanigans. It's fun to say and whenever it's being used it means something fun is happening
  11. I would assume that in-world for now most people would just continue to call it Raysium, mostly because I don't think many characters have actually made the connection between Vessel name = God metal name, and iirc I don't even think most would know it's a God metal. That being said, scholars and silverlight residents might start calling it something else, I think.
  12. Welcome to the Shard! You can post cosmere spoilers in the cosmere discussion tab, but keep RoW spoilers in the RoW discussion tabs only, I think. Enjoy your stay!
  13. I'd love to help build, think it'd be awesome. I don't have a lot of time though, so I'd like to help but maybe not be super depended on I guess. Super excited to see where this goes
  14. First of the Night Seems like there’s a lot of those here...
  15. She’s obviously too young now, but I doubt we’d get an actual MB movie for several years, so I think Millie Bobby Brown might make a pretty good Vin in 5-10 years.