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  1. Nope! TPBM has gone ice skating more than once
  2. Love the art. 10/10
  3. Hey y'all, it's been a while ^^ Anyway I'm doing alright, sprained my ankle while skating a few days ago so I'm currently stuck at home lol. While decluttering my room I found this old school project done on an illustration board and instead of throwing it away, I figured I should use it as a canvas. It's been a long time since I last used my watercolor paints and and I was itching for something to do hehe
  4. ...I feel called out. TPBM is currently rewatching a show.
  5. Skating's fun, even though I think I busted my ankle

    : v

  6. Rainy if I'm planning on staying in, and cloudy if I'm planning on going out. Summer here is a beast, it's so hot here when the sun's out and I hate it. What would you want to be famous or relatively well-known for?
  7. AAAA there's a lot! But I have a soft spot for funny, fluffy, or angsty one-shots. 'The in between times' by theprimrosepath on Ao3 is a fun, lighthearted one, but beware of spoilers for Skyward though. What's your favorite fandom?
  8. Not really, but playing radio during late night car rides >>>> TPBM has fallen asleep in class more than once
  9. Feeling a bit bummed and crappy today and I just had to let it out ://

    I think I broke my laptop. Last night it was in the middle of installing an update (the Lenovo Insyde one, I'll be honest the popup window design looked a bit suspcious but it was legit, I checked XD) when I accidentally hit the power button and resulted in the pc turning off...which is a big no no...escpecially in the middle of software-thingy installation where it said to NOT turn it off...Yeah so I panicked and when I tried turning it on again the lights still worked so I guess I did not completely fry the system (thank god), but the screen was just black :' D Good thing I'm already done with the school year so I won't need it for class any time soon. 

    So yeah my pc's dead-ish. Dad and I tried looking for ways to fix it but to no avail, so I'm going to get it fixed and hope that it could be fixed because I really don't want my parents to spend another fortune on a new laptop for me because of an idiot mistake that I made. 

    Sorry for the rant XD



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    2. Robin Sedai

      Robin Sedai

      Aw, that is so frustrating :( Hope it gets fixed easily!

    3. Regent


      Ahh I see, also noted @Sequence I'll keep that in mind

      Anyway update: we took the laptop to get checked out today. Unfortunately they weren't able to repair it, but they did say there's a place that we could go to that could probably fix it since they have better experts for this kind of thing, but the area is soooo far from where I live so yeah this is going to take a while. But I do feel more at ease knowing that I could still get it sorted out. Laptop's still dead but fortunately I was able to recover most of my files—artworks included—so thank goodness :wub: 

    4. Ixthos


      Glad most of your work is safe :) hope the laptop itself gets fixed soon

  10. Thanks guys! Glad you liked it
  11. mm yummy TPBM eats beetroot
  12. GUESS WHAT SCHOOL'S OUT Y'ALL KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS Feels nice to have time to draw againnnn. In a span of a week and a half I went on a drawing spree lol WIPs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Other very recent stuff. Just self-indulgent fanart of characters from anime I've been watching as of late ahah (Link to previous:
  13. Nope TPBM is listening to something as they answer this.
  14. Once again, loving the nature vibes. 10/10
  15. Favorite Brando Sando cover art(s)?