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  1. *staggers into the room holding Skyward and a sketchbook in one arm, with a laptop bag slung over my shoulder* Uhm...greetings. I mostly stay in the comfort of the shadows but I saw this thread while digging down the depths of the forum (not really), and it has truly sparked my attention. So I...uhh...I'm an introvert who loves to art, constantly lurks everywhere and rarely comes out of hiding, very awkward as heck IRL, and I shall now swear by the Knights Awkward oaths: "Books before friends. 17th Shard before the real world. Release dates before birthdays. I will read that which has not been read I will stay silent amongst many words I will enjoy without being upvoted"
  2. How have I never seen this thread yet :' D Anyway I still have 4 (well, it'll become 3 in November) more years until responsibility hits so hi y'all *waves* looks like I'll be here for a while
  3. Read Defending Elysium just now and that part where Jason uses FTL travel while dealing with Edmund left me shook. Up until this point, I just assumed that FTL travel worked just like the Weights and Measures hyperjumps, only cytonically, but NO it never occurred to me that *waves hands* FTL travel can achieve that. I believe that's what he used that's why he was able to penetrate the dude's chest because FTL travel according to the Coppermind is: I was like "Damnnnnnn- Imagine if our cytonics in the Skyward series actually manage to discover what other feats can be done with FTL travel, aside from intergalactic hyperjumps." (especially Spensa since that's a cytonic ability she seems to be leaning towards, besides FTL communication)** It would be pretty freaking cool, though risky since the delvers exist now...which makes me believe that delvers didn't become a thing until the human-alien wars OR the cytonics back then were unimportant to them, at least until something went very wrong. **Same goes for Jorgen but with Sense instead of FTL, though I can see it becoming a possibility too. And while we're on the topic of cytonics and DE, have a 12am crackpot theory for Cytonic (no massive spoilers for the excerpt but don't view unless you've finished starsight): Brade vs Spensa cytonic showdown in future books will happen, I'm betting on it now
  4. HOLY DUUUDE THIS IS GENIUS. It actually makes sense. I mean, when they [human cytonics] realized that the Taynix had some cytonic abilities they probably went about studying them. The mind swap can work with interspecies as long as both posses cytonic abilites (correct me if I'm wrong), which means that it is plausible in this scenario. If that's the case, then it would explain why plenty of cytonics vanished all of a sudden during the wars (and maybe the kitsen shadowalkers too, like what The Silverlight Scholar said). But then about the offspring...does this mean they're part human or just fully slug?? Or do they even reproduce at all. Doomslug was most likely M-Bot's hyperdrive--or one of them--from Commander Spears' time so it would mean the Taynix could live pretty long. Edit: And I know Detritus was a human settlement even before the Superiority attacked but it would also explain why there were taynixes on Detritus (and why Jorgen found so many in one place). And on the kitsen planet since they had cytonics too. Anyway, I seriously think you're onto something with this theory.
  5. Alright. I enjoyed this novella! It was great seeing the flight again, I adored the slugs, and f- Jeshua. Also, FM and Rig were so cute! Granted, reading their romance buildup felt kind of weird to me since I've never read anything like that before and I feel waaaay too akin with Spin's line of thought and her POV, but I still enjoyed it. Can't wait to see more of them : D Admittedly, this one definitely felt like it wasn't completely written by Brando (which it is lol)--I dunno if it's with the prose or the tone--so that shift from the main novels to this one kind of caught me off guard. But overall I really liked this novella. Looking forward to ReDawn.
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHSBDUDVHSHEUSVSUDGHSVDHSVSJSBKSJDHEVSIEBSJSVSBEHSVSVZNAK Can't wait to see my gurl FM :') The trailer was so cool, I really love the narration. "Skyward Five, ready" "My father had taken to saying I was skysick—but it was the opposite. The sky terrified me." LITERAL CHILLS MANNNNN OMEJDBEUSBHES. I've loved FM since day one and I really can't waittttt. Unfortunately as much as I want it the audiobook's a bit out of my budget right now but I did preorder the ebook so HYPEEEEEEEEEE ok done.
  7. Yeah I just saw the weekly update right now. I'm super excited for this omg (especially Jorgen's) They're hoping to release the first of them (late) next month/early October, I just can't wait alreadyyyy
  8. I actually just finished my reread yesterday...BUUUUT I certainly won't mind rereading it again! The reading until a certain chapter sounds great, and I am looking for ppl who wanna discuss the books as well (the fandom's kinda silent rn ngl). Sometime during August - October should be a pretty good time. I might even try to tow my friend along since I recommended Skyward and they're interested But yeah Im down for this.
  9. IIRC, Brandon hopes they could get the novellas released right before Cytonic is (maybe a coupe of weeks - a month). All of them are still in the works as of the moment though.
  10. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper late to the thread but Jessie Mei Li and Isabela Merced (Isabela Moner) are both Spensa in my headcanon (tho I can see Jessie as FM more though. Her voice is literally how I read FM's)
  11. Wait what happened to Legion?
  12. I feel ya. The wait between Cosmere books can be a pain in the ass, but I think it's also great because it gives me the chance to catch up with the Cosmere or branch out and read other books while waiting for the newest thing. Tbh if we got Cosmere every year I probably wouldn't read anything else.
  13. Nobody: Brandon: says he's been working on movie stuff so casually Probably shouldn't get too excited as nothing is confirmed yet...but we all know we're gonna end up discussing it anyway so I might as well start. Honestly, I don't have much to say. It's probably about Wheel of Time or he's working on movie deals for some books (if that's the case I'm really hoping it's Mistborn, Emperor's Soul, or Skyward. I can see those work pretty well as movies) What do you guys think? Here's the video if you guys haven't seen it yet (skip to 0:55)
  14. Uh-- Sanderson hasn't been on this site for a while. And last I checked the Cosmere is his main focus. Sure he's writing noncosmere stuff but he mainly does that because he needs to take a break inbetween writing Cosmere books.
  15. Spoilers for book 5: If I remember correctly, Quentin and Himalaya were leading that librarian rebel group while Alcatraz, Grandpa, Shasta, Dif, and Draulin infiltrated the Highbrary. Sing, Australia and Aydee were probably back at Mokia helping sort things out there since book 5 happens right after book 4...or maybe not (they probably did something but I'm out of ideas on what it could be).