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  1. Yeah I just saw the weekly update right now. I'm super excited for this omg (especially Jorgen's) They're hoping to release the first of them (late) next month/early October, I just can't wait alreadyyyy
  2. I actually just finished my reread yesterday...BUUUUT I certainly won't mind rereading it again! The reading until a certain chapter sounds great, and I am looking for ppl who wanna discuss the books as well (the fandom's kinda silent rn ngl). Sometime during August - October should be a pretty good time. I might even try to tow my friend along since I recommended Skyward and they're interested But yeah Im down for this.
  3. IIRC, Brandon hopes they could get the novellas released right before Cytonic is (maybe a coupe of weeks - a month). All of them are still in the works as of the moment though.
  4. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper late to the thread but Jessie Mei Li and Isabela Merced (Isabela Moner) are both Spensa in my headcanon (tho I can see Jessie as FM more though. Her voice is literally how I read FM's)
  5. Wait what happened to Legion?
  6. I feel ya. The wait between Cosmere books can be a pain in the ass, but I think it's also great because it gives me the chance to catch up with the Cosmere or branch out and read other books while waiting for the newest thing. Tbh if we got Cosmere every year I probably wouldn't read anything else.
  7. Nobody: Brandon: says he's been working on movie stuff so casually Probably shouldn't get too excited as nothing is confirmed yet...but we all know we're gonna end up discussing it anyway so I might as well start. Honestly, I don't have much to say. It's probably about Wheel of Time or he's working on movie deals for some books (if that's the case I'm really hoping it's Mistborn, Emperor's Soul, or Skyward. I can see those work pretty well as movies) What do you guys think? Here's the video if you guys haven't seen it yet (skip to 0:55)
  8. Uh-- Sanderson hasn't been on this site for a while. And last I checked the Cosmere is his main focus. Sure he's writing noncosmere stuff but he mainly does that because he needs to take a break inbetween writing Cosmere books.
  9. Spoilers for book 5: If I remember correctly, Quentin and Himalaya were leading that librarian rebel group while Alcatraz, Grandpa, Shasta, Dif, and Draulin infiltrated the Highbrary. Sing, Australia and Aydee were probably back at Mokia helping sort things out there since book 5 happens right after book 4...or maybe not (they probably did something but I'm out of ideas on what it could be).
  10. I read Reckoners around that age too and most of the stuff I didn't understand just went over my head...but it all depends on the kid, I suppose. Reckoners is pretty violent with the gang fighting Epics, wielding guns, deaths, etc,. Aside from the violence (and some gore but it's not too severe IIRC) it's pretty much PG. If you still aren't sure though, Skyward, Rithmatist, and Alcatraz are pretty good options
  11. Im dying XD
  12. Your Order’s name: Stormhackers Your Order’s spren: Valorspren Your ideals: #2 "I will do what is expected of me" #3 "I will prioritize others before myself" Stormhacker oaths are themed toward valor, loyalty, and putting their duty and other people before themselves. (I can't really think of specific ideals for them right now) Your Surges: Transportation, Illumination Characteristics: - Stormhackers tend to set high expectations for themselves (especially when it comes to securing the wellbeing of the nation and its people). This is why they usually accept or take on tasks that will challenge them. - They are extremely loyal to their allies, even if it's someone they dislike. They tend to be straightforward and make sure the task is seen finished, even if it meant using unconventional means (but if they think it's going too far, they will back down when enough is enough) - Stormhackers generally prefer supervising rather than leading, but if someone more suited to do so wasn't around, they'd take up leadership until they could be relieved of the position. - They aren't very fighter-type, but they do a fair amount of fighting. Stormhackers are generally more suited to tasks related to politics and battle strategy--basically anything that isn't bloodshed on a battlefield. - They put others before themselves, seeing to it that they are safe and protected. Your Order's name: Pastkeepers Your Order's spren: Archivespren Ideals: Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination I will preserve what I have found I will search for what we have lost I will share my knowledge with others when it is needed I will remember the present and keep it for the future Surges: Transportation, Illumination Characteristics: Pastkeepers seek to preserve the knowledge of cultures, creatures, notable events, etc. They record their travels or discoveries through the use of journaling, incorporating it into songs or stories, paintings, or any way that it could be stored for later generations. Pastkeepers seek to remember both major and minor events, as they think that everything in life matters, even the smallest things. When seeking answers, or simply looking for something to discover, Pastkeepers prefer the first-hand experience. This order would attract all sorts of inquisitive people--whether it's a scholar or an adventurer.
  13. So...basically a worldhopper order...I like it (also the cytospren reminded me of Skyward lmao) Yep, sounds just about right
  14. In the latest SoTS (2020) he did say Skyward was owned by Universal Television, but with that aside it is mostly under the radar at the moment (most adaptation possibilities with the non-cosmere works are)...ofc this is just a speculation but damn it's so exciting to think about. All things considered Skyward would translate pretty well into a film/tv show imo. Also didn't he say it might be something fans won't really care/won't get too hyped up about? A new edition or leatherbound of one of his works or another board game, maybe...
  15. I am in LOVE with the cover! The color scheme is just *chef's kiss* Ugh I can't wait!