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  1. Greek yogurt. What games have you been playing lately? (Or what book are you reading, if you don't play games)
  2. Nope. I am trying to learn the dialect from my mother's home province though. TPBM is fluent in more than two languages.
  3. 50/50. It's fine. I don't really like it, but I don't hate it either. TPBM is lying on their bed as they reply to this.
  4. R, because it's the first letter of my name and the 18th letter in the alphabet (18 is my favorite number). What book has impacted you the most?
  5. Yup! TPBM has never traveled outside the USA.
  6. ...I guess? TPBM's very first Brando book was one of his noncosmere ones
  7. Thank you for following me!

  8. I really like your review of Cytonic! I agree 100% with your feelings about Spensa, but couldn't articulate it. You put it so much better than I could have.

    Posting this here so I don't clutter up the Cytonic reaction thread even more :lol:

  9. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. Kingsdaughter pretty much summed up my entire experience but here's my own rant: I liked this book. It was FUN. I loved Starsight, but tbh when that ending implied that Spensa will be away from fighting the war with the Superiority and embark on a side quest, I was a bit worried that Cytonic will end up falling in the "just a filler book" category despite it being a main novel (and the series being about Spensa's story). In some ways it did feel that way, but hot damn I was wrong for the most part though. I found it more chill and enjoyable, a pleasant contrast to the others--novellas included--which dealt with more serious things. Can I just say though, Spensa and M-Bot's childish excitement to the stuff we would find pretty normal (like the ocean and mushrooms) was SO PURE. It made my heart melt seeing her finally just getting to live you know?? During the adventuring she acted just like a kid who'd been taken to a theme park for the first time and *incoherent babbling* I LOVE it. Loved the reveals and the stuff we learned. Space pirates were cool, I kinda hope we'll see them again (especially since Spensa still has that promise). The relationship between Spin, the pirates, M-Bot, Chet were fun (Oh and her relationship with Jorgen hhhhhh my precious babies got together, finally). Spensa's character development was one of the hit points of the book for me: she matured in this one yet still remains to be the little aggressive little gremlin who owns my heart (spoilering the next part because my main rant is getting too long XD, feel free to skip it) AND THAT ENDING *bangs fists on table* DAYUM BRANDON WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME. And the lore about the delvers, cytonics, AI it's great finally getting some answers, so now let's go beat Winzik's a- Super hyped for Evershore and Defiant!! Final thoughts: Liked and enjoyed it. A lot. The reveals were great, though I suspect it wouldn't be as fun on a reread anymore since the whole surprise aspect was what made them super exciting, but oh well. It was an enjoyable break from the more serious books, but in terms of the books as a whole I still think my ranking would be Starsight>>Skyward>>(Sunreach & Redawn)>>Cytonic. However, Cytonic does now hold the 'Most Favorite Book-ish Moments' title (sorry Skyward) and that says a lot.
  10. Hang on, is that a Doomslug on a Frisk? 

    1. Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      (Also, happy birthday!) 

    2. caramel_


      Thank you! And it's just a doodle of  Spensa with Doomslug on her head, hehe

    3. Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      Ookla the Well-Intentioned

      Ah lol, not a crossover then. It's really cute! 

  11. OOOH thanks! Gonna read them, I'll edit when I get back edit: I can't seem to find them. Do I have to have the Apple Books app or something?
  12. Here are mine. Some spoilers for Defending Elysium, all Skyward books up to ReDawn ofc + Cytonic ch. 1 preview and Evershore's cover sypnosis.
  13. *staggers into the room holding Skyward and a sketchbook in one arm, with a laptop bag slung over my shoulder* Uhm...greetings. I mostly stay in the comfort of the shadows but I saw this thread while digging down the depths of the forum (not really), and it has truly sparked my attention. So I...uhh...I'm an introvert who loves to art, constantly lurks everywhere and rarely comes out of hiding, very awkward as heck IRL, and I shall now swear by the Knights Awkward oaths: "Books before friends. 17th Shard before the real world. Release dates before birthdays. I will read that which has not been read I will stay silent amongst many words I will enjoy without being upvoted"
  14. How have I never seen this thread yet :' D Anyway I still have 4 (well, it'll become 3 in November) more years until responsibility hits so hi y'all *waves* looks like I'll be here for a while