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  1. Lstn t thnks fr th mmrs
  2. araris did a kill action, i did discover the hidden on them because ashbringer told me to in pms
  3. somehow i forgot that actions exist and i feel like an idiot (and also this game, ive been playing too much hearthstone) yup, hi
  4. expeditioner, no items (although anyone would say this so i dont think this helps) i would just kill someone that seemed innocent so sus villagers get voted
  5. oh, ive realized that if i dont say anything i cant defend myself oof
  6. guys im gonna post something real soon im just reading through stuff
  7. i feel like this is indirectly directed towards me, i realized that and changed it
  8. im too lazy to read this, can someone tell me if theres anything worth noting here
  9. hi i join pls, name be Marth but im too lazy to rp Edit: im also to lazy for proper grammar Edit2: hi again, the name is from marth in super smash bros and fire emblem btw