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  1. I'm currently just sitting in the Saint Louis airport. For a few hours. (My family got here really early.) If anybody has some mindless games to play with myself, it would be much appreciated. 

    The only thing that makes this more tolerable is that I have doughnut holes. They're very good.

  2. 610. If a character says something along the lines of "you have to be careful of what you say - somebody's always listening", then they are a traitor and spy who will dramatically repeat those same words with a mocking tone and a "Sorry, ___, but I told you ______". (in the dramatically dramatic betrayal scene, of course)
  3. My unpopular opinion: I really liked Starsight. When it came out I was kind of meh about it, but then I reread it before Cytonic and loved it. It was nice to have a less intense book that I could reread, and I liked the characters more than I remembered.
  4. Apparently I am the fourth person to imagine conversations in my head. I did not realize that this and having an inner monologue did not happen to everybody. This revelation is concerning to me.
  5. Hi. So. I probably won't be as online as much anymore, because my school just changed their content filter and the shard is blocked. :( I'll still be online, but the device I was using before was a school iPad, so I have to switch devices. My new device is slower and loses battery at weird rates, so unless the school accepts my request and unblocks the site, I'll be online less often.

  6. Actually, Szeth's probably right. Could I be taken off as well? (I was rosharian_cat)
  7. Such suspense… I love it!
  8. Everything looks so good! The chonky birds are so cute and I just want to squish them. (By the way, if you ever think your art isn’t good enough, come back here and know that a fellow cat appreciates it. And everybody knows that cats would never lie about something as important as this. So be proud of your art!)
  9. I just realized that I wasn’t following this thread! So I’ll say thank you now. Brilliant Bursts of Light is so beautiful, and it honestly captured what I was imagining perfectly, even when I had only a few ideas of what it might sound like. It really is breathtaking. You have real talent, and I hope you can see that. Thank you so much!
  10. Granted. It explodes when you get it. (Apparently it’s a known problem. And no, you cannot get a new one or even a refund. Sorry.) I wish to change my boon and my bane to whatever I want, whenever I want. (Haha new page)
  11. Gets an incredibly puzzle you cannot find a guide for Inserts sanity
  12. 591a. If you are told a legend about a mythical place that is sealed or locked away in some way, you have a 100% chance to find it by the end of the book.
  13. My dear father is reading Mistborn: Secret History now. I’m slowly going insane.


    He insists that Ire stands for the Irish Republic Army. When I informed him that army doesn’t start with e, he said that it stood for the Irish Republic Ermy. He also claims that all characters in books set on Scadrial are talking butts, and has repeatedly mentioned how weird Brandon is for doing that. However, he has made up for this deplorable behavior by leaning over to me one day as my family was going to volunteer at the PATH Center and saying “If you volunteer at PATH, does that make you a Pathian?”

    So. That’s what I’ve been listening to for weeks. I love him so much, and I’m really happy he’s rereading the books. However, I’m not entirely sure I can take much more of this. If I start acting strange, know that I’ve embraced the madness and am now discussing Pathians and talking butts forever.


    (By the way, @Ookla the Floofy, I swear I didn’t steal your username. This may get very confusing very quickly, though. Especially since I like to read and post on your Creator’s Corner threads…)

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      That is the most amazing word I’ve ever heard.

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      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Butt scadrians-


      I love and hate that all at the same time.

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      Heyooo another fluffy/floofy being whooo! WE ARE THE DARK SIDE HAHA!

  14. Maybe the Horneaters living in Shadesmar are now trapped somehow? Maybe the perpendicularities are unsafe, or Shadesmar has slowly been getting more and more dangerous.
  15. I didn’t know about it, but my grandparents sent me a link to the article so I could read it. They know me so well and it makes me so happy.