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  1. This seems like it could actually happen. Like, if Lift already has lifelight, and then gets stormlight, she very well might be able to join the two. A little off topic here, but isn’t the reason Dalinar can open a perpendicularity and recharge spheres because he’s bonded to the Stormfather, not because he’s a Bondsmith? I’m not sure though
  2. Hi to the few people who’ll see this! Just so you all know, I have returned.



    fear me

  3. (I know this is a dead thread but I’m still going to post) We do meet the Mink before RoW, but his name/title is never directly said. Remember the Shulin interlude in (I think) Oathbringer, where he’s captured by Herdazians? It is interesting how often Rosharians use the word mink. I hadn’t noticed that.
  4. Honestly, at first I found Shallan’s perspective kind of…I don’t really know. Just not my favorite to read. As I read through all the books, though, I’ve actually loved her character more and more, after seeing more of her struggles. (Especially after RoW). I guess I’m just trying to say that I get what some of you guys are saying, but I personally feel her struggles are too big for her to just “suck it up”.
  5. This sounds a lot like the One, (the one the shoemaker in Iri taught the beggar about)!!
  6. When you decide that if you lived on Roshar, you would name your cat Tacocat. Because it’s a palindrome.
  7. I’m dying!!! Anyway this is a pun not a meme but it works Moash: Hello, I need a new window. Window Salesman: Why?? Moash: Odium took my pane.
  8. What if all of us making memes and obsessing over SA is just a meme someone else is making and all of our lives are lies?? …Anyway here’s another meme.
  9. Why do I keep seeing people with the Most Ancient rep level, but they haven’t been here the longest?? It’s destroying my brain.
  10. Came to Shai’s house and proceeded to declare that
  11. Ok!!! I wish to know who’s been on the 17th Shard the longest. (I’ll just tell you right now, it’s definitely not me, and I don’t know who it is.) These are people who are still active. Since the Most Ancient is most likely @Chaos, since they’ve likely been here since the start, and that makes it not as fun, moderators do not count. (Sorry to the mods out there!) Now go, my fellow Sharders!!! Go find the One Most Ancient!!!!!!! And then post here, and if you have found them, then throw yourself a party!!
  12. Don’t you mean, four times in a RoW??? ....yeah that was really bad. *runs away*
  13. Honestly?? Just because you don’t believe the same things that Jasnah does doesn’t mean you have to say her beliefs are illogical. When you look at the Shards, like Honor, (the Almighty), they really aren’t gods.
  14. When you read every acknowledgments page to see if Brandon named any of his characters or places after his friends. ...I just realized this topic has been dead for 6 years...