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  1. @Matrim's Dice Remembrance begins moving towards Craven, its form suddenly flowing into a point of space in front of it, dodging a colorsucker by ceasing to exist. After a moment, the air near Craven begins to bend and twist, solidifying around him into the coiling form of Remembrance. It directs its thoughts at Craven. Come, little one. It lowers its head down next to Craven, projecting an image of him boarding the space behind Remembrance's "feathered" head. Climb aboard, I will not harm you. Let us fetch Tvora, hmm?
  2. Remembrance, sensing the sudden flare of emotion from the ongoing battle, weaves through the white bubble, eventually breaching the surface. In a splash of color and energy, Remembrance flows from the anomaly, glowing brighter than before. It rears its head as it processes the situation, devoid of fear, but bursting with curiosity. What is this? It focuses on Tvora, picking up her defiance of Fadran and Ayia, and adds concern for the children to its curiosity. Remembrance is momentarily distracted by Ayia's maneuver, previously unaware that human bodies could perform such a feat, but forces itself back to its concern for the children. It remembers its experience with Craven, and how it unintentionally hurt him. It does not want the children to be in pain. It pushes on Fadran and Ayia, creating a mental Connection between them, then pulls on the Connection, adding its own mind to the link, creating a more private mental space for the three to communicate. Once the link is complete, Remembrance projects its desire to gain the attention of Fadran and Ayia. This thing, the protection of the children, this must be so. Tvora is filled with Chaos, but I will make this thing so.
  3. I am unsure. Remembrance projects a mental image of white. Pure, milky white. The shapes of unknown creatures are interspersed throughout the image, represented by specks of discoloration against the perfect whiteness.
  4. Remembrance feels Tvora pushing back along their Connection, but the words are distant, and the message is lost. Defiance of this barrier that separates the two beings fills Remembrance's mind, and it pushes, increasing its Connection to Tvora. The words finally come through, and Remembrance understands. People? This is so? Remembrance slithers right up to the bubble, staring hard and long. I cannot sense them. This new thing, this anomaly, I cannot feel past the surface. Remembrance begins to withdraw from the Cognitive Plane, manifesting physically as it did before. Its form returns to that of a feathered serpentine, and it immediately turns its head to face the bubble. It directs its thoughts at the group of people. Tvora says that she feels the minds of entities inside the cognitive warping. This thing is so, and I must join her. With one last mental transmission of curiosity, Remembrance plunges itself into the bubble.
  5. Reveal hidden contents Remembrance, existing on both the Cognitive and Physical Plane, witnesses Tvora stepping into the bubble, and slides over to her point of entry. It recognizes her action as intentional, and wonders if Tvora knows more about the strange anomaly. As it gazes at the surface of the strange whiteness, a sudden chord of memory is struck. However, try as it might, it cannot access the memory. It sees it, it is aware of it, but the memory will not yield its knowledge. Remembrance is filled with confusion. This has never happened before! This is a new thing, one that it does not like! It can see that Tvora is still Connected to it, but Remembrance can no longer feel Tvora. Unsure of whether she can still sense its thoughts, Remembrance pushes along its Connection to her. Tvora? What do you see?
  6. Remembrance, now coexisting between the Cognitive and Physical Planes, swivels around, gazing at the approaching entity. There is... something in the light. Within the bubble. Remembrance slides closer to the bubble, hesitantly coming to rest next to the "surface" of the bubble. As the bubble increases, Remembrance slithers back, keeping pace with its enlargement.
  7. The color of Remembrance's "skin" dims a bit, and it shudders, pushing its sudden discomfort to the group. This is so. I feel it. Let us learn what is going on. Remembrance gazes into the center of the patch of colorlessness. For a time nothing happens, as if it is contemplating how best to approach this new thing. Remembrance's form begins to recede, its "skin" growing less substantial and dimming even further. Its features disappear as it "steps" in between the Physical and Cognitive Planes, and eventually the only visible part left is a long, thin strand of energy.
  8. Remembrance raises its head and flashes a dim blueish color, and the energy that makes up its body seems to become more substantial. It pushes to the surrounding people, restoring its ability to communicate.
  9. Remembrance is mentally silent for a moment. This must be so. Remembrance pulls back from its Connections to the other people present, and pushes on its Connection to Fadran, deepening and strengthening it. A stream of thought begins to flow to Fadran, first showing a vast expanse of void and darkness. Then, a flame flickers into existence. Light slowly expands from the flame, like a little star. It continues to grow, and other lights spring into existence around it. Soon the darkness is mantled by a sea of light. By this point Remembrance begins to visibly glow brighter, a mist like substance rising from its "skin." The river of thought slows to a trickle, then stops. The glow recedes, and Remembrance pulls back on its Connection to Fadran, returning it to its previous state.
  10. Remembrance pushes a questioning thought in response.