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  1. Morgan plucked a small, rectangular case from his pack, and, fingers shivering in the cold, began to unwrap it. The case contained a bit of food, folded dough stuffed with tomatoe-like fruit, some kind of sauce, whatever spices he had been able to find, cooked to a nice, steaming warmth. The culinary creation was not particularly warm now, as quite a bit of time had passed since he had cooked it, but he looked forward to it nevertheless. He took a bite, some of the sauce dripping down his chin, only to be recaptured by the quick dart of his tongue, and he was content to continue his short meal! Until he remembered... I really should stockpile this, he thought to himself with a grimace. He wasn't that hungry, but he had been excited to consume this particular meal. It had taken him some time (and a lot of experimentation) to recreate this from memory, after all. Sighing to himself, Morgan reached again into his travel pack, this time pulling out a metal arm band. He set the arm band against his upper right arm, right below the shoulder, and engaged the clasps. The metal was cool against his skin, the band a now familiar weight on his arm. With a final sigh, he continued eating his snack.
  2. @Random Bystander A network of lights expanded before Remembrance, a surprisingly peaceful ocean of tiny stars that formed one of the many spokes of this planet's soul-lattice. Each light was the mind of a living creature, the brighter sparks indicative of mentally stronger entities, the weaker sparks belonging to less sentient entities. Remembrance did not care that there were not many sentient creatures present on Earth, as most universes it had visited had some variation of the lattice present here, and the familiarity of the perception of life excited it! Jubilation filled the creature as it swam eagerly amongst the life of Earth's plants and animals, for this was familiar terrain indeed! Not that there was any actual terrain, of course. This plane was not one of material physicality, but one of mind, spirit, and heart. Remembrance allowed itself to bask in the radiance of so many unique and divergent lives but for a moment. It had work to do! That melded-spirit-mind (What was their name? Ah yes, Columbia-Erin.) had gotten away before it was able to pinpoint their physical location. It flew in the darkness between minds and spirits, all of its senses tuned for Columbia-Erin. There! Two sparks, light tangled together, melding into a greater whole, floated ahead of Remembrance. It approached the lights, careful not to make contact (it did not yet wish to make its presence known to Columbia-Erin), and slowly extended its senses onto Earth's material plane to observe the ongoings around it.
  3. Now Remembrance understood! It knew of others who had spontaneously Sealed to bodies after death. Some called it a natural occurence, and perhaps it was just that (in certain universes, at least), yet still others insisted on the necessity for a director of such a Sealing. And perhaps a director was necessary. Who was to say which is correct and which is incorrect when each universe had differing laws? Certainly not Remembrance, for its purpose was and is to remember. These two people, however, were different. Sealing a body that was already inhabited? It had no knowledge of that. It drew its attention back to the meshed mind, projecting its understanding. This is not so. I remain my own spirit-entity. A moment of silence, then, What is your name? That was directed at Columbia.
  4. Its mind had not expanded very far before encountering the warping flux again. There! Remembrance projected in innocent triumph. The waves of emotion ceased as Remembrance curtailed its mind from the general area, focusing its attention on the location of the foreign amalgamation of personalities. A tendril of thought unfolded from Remembrance, reaching out towards the flux, carefully exploring. The probe met the outer consciousness of Columbia and Erin, and then Remembrance hesitated. It seemed as if there was not one consciousness, but... two? Two beings? Confusion filled the creature, for it had only sensed a single body! Now it had to know what this new being was, and so it continued into the collective psyche, ushering a confused, but curious hail. What are you?
  5. Remembrance flicks its tail again, mentally exploring the out-most thoughts and emotions of each individual present. It stops suddenly, and expands its mind outwards in all directions. A tidal wave of curiosity (tinged with anxiety) would berate the group, but Remembrance had no time to worry about that. It had felt a very strange flux of thought originating from somewhere nearby, and it was determined to find the source.
  6. Remembrance projects a brief stab of amusement, its apparent equivalent of a laugh, and flicks its tail. I am not human, I am Remembrance.
  7. Not from this world. I am of Origin, Remembrance responds, misunderstanding Ely's figure of speech.
  8. Remembrance gazes at the book. A... book? How is this so?