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  1. This is a big play between Todium and Hoid, Never underestimate Hoid! He is very crafty and while he does not know what Todiim exist at the end of the book he most likely will figure it out quckly.
  2. Lift would be fun to meet and hang out with. Adolin from he power and world influence.
  3. Sorry but Honor is shattered, so there is no shard to be had. One would have to collect all the pieces and put them back together to bring back the shard of Honor, and I am fairly sure Cultivation has some of Honor's splinters.
  4. So to me the Glyph on the Banner does not look to me to be the tower glyph. Too many differences and the illustrator is very good at his job. The Crown part being the semi-circular line, I might buy that. The spears are the interesting part. We can see there are at least 4 spears, two above the and two below the semi-circular shape. What do the other lines represent? More spears? Part of the crown? Or do they combine with the semi-circular line to show the walls of a tower or cliff. Too many unknowns. I agree with the idea that the rattle has most likely been fulfilled by Kaladin in RoW. The title of Leader; Protector of the Tower, Crown of the Windrunners, the Spear of Bridge 4,
  5. Tin, increasing he senses seems like it would be very useful. Second choice is Brass as soothing people would get you out of some bad situations.
  6. Just a wild thought that came to mind could 16 be the 16th Shard? We know nothing about the last 2.
  7. My guess is Hoid was trying to find out if the vessel of Odium had changed, which is why he was willing to confront Odium. 2 possible reasons, Fortune lead him to this conclusion or as connected to other vessels and worldhoppers he does have a lot of connections. The biggest clue is that in the first go around he does state that the encounter went as he expected. He has been avoiding Odium for a long time and why else would he confront Odium at this time, just to gloat? I really doubt Hoid would risk his life to just gloat and tease one of the most dangerous beings in the Cosmere.
  8. My guess is the second set might talk about the history of Ashyn, in the form of why and how the humans came to Roshar with Odium. It has been mentioned by WoB that Lift will be a focus in flashbacks in the second half ( at least book 6) of the Stormlight Archive. What this implies for books 6-10 is anybody's guess. but a select few of Brandon and his friends. Some off world influences from organizations with off worlders and possibly more talk of the cosmere in book 10, assuming Jasnah is still focus and she and Hoid are still working together. Better guesses will be made after book 5 is published.
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  10. 2 points I would like to point out in this discussion. 1) WoB are not cannon, he reserves the right to change things. But he did say after WoR was published that Todium did not read the memories by removed them. 2) The second time around a coin was missing and IMHO this is where Hoid was storing his recent memories, using a known technique of Breaths to do so. Thus, how he noticed their was something different. Also, remember Hoid can store his breaths/memories in something and keep them safe somewhere else. I believe this is how he was on the boarder of pitch purfect. My guess is Hoid was trying to find out if the vessel of Odium had changed, which is why he was willing to confront Odium. Todium realized Hoid figured out Rayse was no longer the vessel, after he excised the memories, and thus needed to turn back time to try again. The second time went as Todium expected, from his point of view. I also think Hoid is figuring out that his memories where stolen and this is not something Rayse would do.
  11. Lots of good suggestions and logic behind them. I do have a the feeling the 5th ideal is the definitive statement of how the Knight interpret their own role in the order. I also believe honor needs to be tied into it somewhere. Here is my current guess. "I will teach people to protect themselves and others with honor and integrity."
  12. I believe Wit's goal was to see the Rayse reaction to the agreement, and if he could get some advance info on who the champion would be. While I believe Hoid is ok with whatever happen's to Dalinar, he does want to make sure Odium is held to the Rosharan system and thus Hoid will be able to travel safely in the rest of the cosmere. I doubt he plans on staying in Roshar for 1000 years, but I do believe he wants the human/singer problem solved and to make sure there is not a repeat of Ashyn.
  13. IIRC the agreement differences between if Odium wins of if Dalinar wins is mostly how land is split up and if Odium is on Braize or Roshar. In either case Odium is still in the system and will have some influence on the people of Roshar. There is plenty to write about on the Singer/Human interaction for the 5th book and the Second arc of 5 books. I really doubt the 5th book will only be 10 Roshar days in duration. They are shorter days.
  14. Which "Shattering" are we talking about? Would it be possible to put Honor back together and combine him with Cultivaion?
  15. Let's not forget Odium is a shard and thus has a lot of power and capabilities. WOB in Livestream 23 did state "he (odium/todium) did actually remove and excise a little bit of Breath."