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  1. Trapper: First of the Night (wow, a lot of firsts) Vorin: Hadidiej - almost my name backward, fairly symmetrical Unkalaki: ... I don't know the language so I guess it'll just be Kurunukuraki'ailaki'aiana (I tried way too hard on that one) Jedidiah son Tim Korathi: Eondin Returned: Willseeker (I don't have a procrastination problem, why would you ask?) Threnodite: Idk lets just say William Thordin Kandra: KaLaan
  2. Navani said it could be a simple fix... was it? Having read all of stormlight archive I can't find a reference to it, and I'm assuming it wasn't fixed due to Mraize saying that Shallan still owed them a soulcaster, how fortunate you are one yadda yadda. ...just a thought I had
  3. Kaladin. He needs a hug. Lift would be cool too, as well as Shallan and Rock
  4. 95% of my thoughts while reading cosmere books
  5. Don't amberite aethers leave dust behind? That could be a potential source for it. But I guess it could also be Mr. Sandy trying to get this type of reaction from us
  6. I think that Ishar was probably able to do this because of all the unknowns related to being a "bondsmith unchained." I mean, if he can steal Dalinar's bond to the stormfather, create an undetectable perpendicularity, and Connect windrunners to Roshar, why can't he Connect spren to the physical realm? (Obviously it's probably a little more complicated than that, and he's probably had a looong time to figure things out)
  7. Interesting... (shattered plains?) Also, does this mean a bondsmith could weaken whatever is theoretically limiting the surges? (Uh, thinking about this, I don't think a bondsmith could do that. Maybe a certain "bondsmith unchained" could, but probably not the Urithiru couple) Does this also mean that both powers of a bondsmith existed before the rest of the surges? (If I'm terribly wrong don't murder me with your cosmere-aware words please)
  8. cosmere connection

    I found this WoB... (by the way you better appreciate this cuz I dunno how to quote them and I only had a screenshot of it so I had to type it all out on my phone lol) Kalanit Taub: when Jasnah picks up the bead for the palace, is that the same bead Shallan picks up in oathbringer? Branderson: Yeah. Kalanit Taub: Is that a coincidence or something else...? Branderson: So, whenever things like that happen you can assume there's little bits of Connection going on that's changing the probability a little bit. You're not meant to read much into it, but the probability is increased because of things like that. And you'll find, if you look really closely, there are connections between the characters that are really subtle that I'm doing, that anyone who's touching the Spiritual realm or things like that. For instance, in the second book, Syl turns into Shallan while Shallan is washed up on the beach while Syl is talking to Kaladin somewhere else. There's enough connection going on that you see Syl change shapes and Kal's like, "It looks like she's walking on a beach!" It's just Syl.. because through all of that, is turning into... you'll find things like that <happening> all through the books, really subtle, really small. There's just meant to be, one of the things in the Cosmere is Connection. Your Connection to people, Connection to things, places, influences probability a little bit.
  9. cosmere connection

    When I read the title, I thought it would be about that WoB where he points out the little Connections (Syl looking like Shallan on the beach, Jasnah and Shallan picking up the same palace bead)
  10. Is progression immune to the surge suppression? I thought that was just cuz of Lift's weirdne--- I mean awesomeness
  11. Sorry, leeches, you know? I just... yeah. *remove/dissipate/whateveritscalled
  12. Hmm I forgot about that! ...wish I had something more to add here, but all I can say is... interesting...
  13. You beat me to it
  14. That makes sense to me, and if it doesn't turn out that way, I might be sad :l When? Are you talking about when he spoke to Kaladin through the storm? I feel like that's a little different than just Connection manipulation as the Stormfather is a somewhat unknown element... He needed physical contact to talk to those soldiers, and to make those maps with Shallan Ishar needed physical contact to forge a connection between the Windrunners and Roshar
  15. If Odium can see the hearts of men, and the hearts of men are important to the Shards, well, I think that could explain why he's so dangerous to the other Shards