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  1. I like it. So basically whichever spren type has a special affinity to that Radiant will be the type of spren that will form the shardplate for him/her.
  2. @apepi Oh that works so much better than mine.
  3. OMG. This is now canon for me. Shallan final truth is that she started the Final Desolation by killing her mother who is a Herald. So powerful. Also could fit with the deathrattle with the knife at the child neck with the child being Shallan. She hesitated and Shallan summoned a shardblade in defense.
  4. Below is my pure imagination and likely contradict various canon facts. I just would love for it to be this way. In my mind the 'original' oathpact is formed as part of the deal to let the Ashyn human come to Roshar. Honor 'bonded' the original 'surge' to limit Human power. The Honorblade are keys to let the human access some of those locked up power in a regulated way (this is why it's less efficient than normal radiant). I also believe Honor did not welcome Odium and bound the human god to Braize to make it hard for Odium. Of course Odium likely did not agreed. The human saw no choice and use part of the Oathpact power to contain Odium to Braize. Honor gave Shinovar to human. I.e. Human agreed to give up Odium in exchange for exodus to Roshar. In return human likely obtain clause from Honor to not treat human differently from Singers or to not intervene in human-Singers agffairs. After a while human 'expand' their influence outward. Honor could not intervene because of the non-intervention clause above. Singers had no choice but to turn to Odium for help. Odium corrupted a lot of sprens to give Singers forms of power with the help of Singers. This is the Singers betrayal to the sprens. The sprens turn to bond with human to get back at Singers/Odium. However, Odium has a secret plan. He didn't want to win. He want his binding to end. So he manipulate the Singers to undermine them secretly. Human was about to exterminate Singers. Honor could not stand his children being wipeout and lend a hand. Honor broke an oath. As he is Honor, this broke him and let Odium shatter him. To the horror of Odium, this does not free him since the Oathpact power that bind him was not entirely from Honor. Just Honor using original surge to shape the Oathpact. Odium then change his plan to help Singers eliminate human and Heralds to try to be free from Oathpact. Thus the cycles of Desolations. So to answer OP's original question. I think Ishar created the original Oathpact to limit human access to surge and to bind Odium to Braize in exchange for asylum on Roshar. Later he changed it to let sprens bonded to human access to surge to create Knight Radiants. Then as you said he modified it so Taln apcould bear the Oath alone. Just my private fantasy run wild. Haha.
  5. In my attempts to predict future ideals of the Knight Radiants, I found some interesting parallels concepts/beliefs. While I wasn't able to draw solid conclusions, I think it's a decent topics that may yield some insight if more people share their ideas. Also note that there are lots of assumptions and leaps that I made that may not be too solid. For example, Windrunners & Skybreakers. "I will do what is right" apply. But Skybreakers judge what is right externally through code of law. While the Windrunners use internal morality to determine the right thing to do. Stonewards vs Dustbringers "I will do what I must". Stonewards will do what is required of them to support the greater good. Stonewards are prepared to sacrifice themself for the greater good. While Dustbringers will do what is required to achieve the long term gold. They are prepared to sacrifice others for the greater good. Stonewards will need to learn to not sacrifice themselves while Dustbringers will need to learn to curb their meddlings. About reponsibility. Bondsmiths will hold themselves accountable for their own done deeds. Skybreakers will hold others for their done deeds. Dustbringers will hold themselves accountable for their future actions. Willshaper will hold themselves for the future actions of others. Truthwatchers and Edgedancers will absolve past actions of thers. And Lightweavers will need to learn to absolve their own past actions. All of Elsecallers, Truthwatchers and Lightweavers seek truth. Lightweavers seek truth within themselves. Truthwatchers seek spiritual truth and hidden intentions and meaning in people. Finally Elsecallers seek truth of the physical world and hidden structures in natures. Elsecallers seek truth through logic while Truthwatchers seek truth through empathy. Edgedancers and Willshapers value individual over collectives. "I will remember those who have been ignored" vs "I will free those who have beed bounded". "I will listen to those who have been ignored" vs "I will be speak for those who have no voice". Speculatiom for Knight Radiant Ideals Windrunners I will protect those who can't protect themselves. I will protect even those I didn't know I should protect. I will need to let people learn yo protect themselves. Skybreakers I will follow the letter of the law. I will follow the (someone's) interpretation of the law. I will follow the spirit (my own interpretation) of the law Dustbringers I will dare to do (what must be done). I will dare to pay (the price for the greater good). I will stay my hands (and not intervene) Edgedancer I will remember those who are forgotten. I will listen to those who have been ignored. I will finish what you started. Truthwatchers I will see truth (in people) (enlighten Truthwatchers may be I will see what could be) I will show truth (to inspire) (again to what could be for the enlighten) I will bring them truth (even if painful) Lightweavers (Don't think Lightweavers fit into this, they just speak truths about themselves) Elsecallers I will seek knowledge/wisdom/logic. I will guide/lead with knowledge/wisdom/logic I will accept that something is unknowable and you have to take it by faith. (I think Jasnah already speak this ideal while she was stuck in Shadesmar and she had to rely on faith to come through) Willshapers I will seek freedom for those in bondage. (I will free people) I will speak for those who are silenced (I will free ideas) (Venli will truly become the Voice of her people with this) I will accept that people follow me through theirown freewilk (I will free myself from feeling totally responsible for everyone I lead. similar to WE CHOSE moment from Maya) (Venli will reach this after a bunch of disastrous decisions she made) Stonewards I will do my duty. I will stand even when others fall. I will accept defeat to fight another day (and not sacrifice myself in vain) Bondsmiths I will unite people. I will accept the consequences of my actions and move forward. (I will unite myself) I will unite everyone (even my enemies) All ideas and comments accepted.