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  1. Happy birthday! 

    Where'd you go?

    1. Ookla the Stranger

      Ookla the Stranger


      and to answer your question:

      school. work. life. I’ve been a little busy (=

  2. I am to lazy to look it up.
  3. I got back from Trek 2 days ago, (Thats why i havent been posting) and have been dead tired because of it.

    Anything interesting happen in the last 5 days?

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    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Corvus's girlfriend joined the shard and Fadran became a god of color. Not much that I can think of right now. How was trek?

    3. Ookla the Stranger

      Ookla the Stranger

      Tiring. But it was fun. 


      Ima post a picture of my bucket tomorrow... I think it turned out great.



    4. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      I had trek about three years ago and I really enjoyed it.

  4. or.
  5. I have. Its actually funny.
  6. lmao have you been watching the Jonny Depp case?
  7. Thanks for the follow!


  8. i win........ Also, what if somebody developed a program that auto posted every single time Someone Else posted on the last post wins?
  9. inconceivable! lol
  10. Well, thats another school year done! 

    I is happy now. :D

    1. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      My school has been done since Wensday. *Chortle*, also congradulation on surviving another year.

    2. Ookla the Stranger
    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  11. inconceivable!! lol
  12. Nope! You remind me of a good friend of mine named Rylan tho
  13. a given what?
  14. lol yup
  15. Hawklow comes from a noble house name generator, and Blake is a name i go by.