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  1. ... Ok then.
  2. That's Great! Another competitor to fight for the points!!!! Jk.
  3. I want to join in on the next one!
  4. Yeah. I think. If not, its fine. Just put in a spoiler box.
  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. That image is awesome!
  7. Who are your top 3 favorite mistborn characters?
  8. Who (or what) should I draw next? (=

  9. That sucks!
  10. Okay: both were from
  11. Wait What?
  12. thumb.jpeg.eaf73aff52c8bcec79d5146e731518bf.jpeg

    1. Blake Hawklow
    2. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      Whoa you drew that?

    3. Blake Hawklow

      Blake Hawklow

      It was fun to draw though! :D

  13. Okay! (=
  14. I know but the image didn't show up the first time! And thanks! (=