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  1. Yeah. 1111!
  2. Ok then! The Smedrys it is! 1109
  3. Why "The Smedrys"? 1107
  4. But let's have SOME sort of guns/technology in the world. ALSO HOID. 1105
  5. And let's have some characters from Mistborn sneak into the story. 1103
  6. I would rather be a mistborn 100%. Kelsier VS Kaladin! WHO WOULD WIN?!?!?!?!?
  7. I doubt it... Maybe we could try changing it to 10,000th post wins. 1098
  8. Just do it at home. That's what i did. 1096
  9. Don't forget me! 1093
  10. I think Neron the Inkspren is done!:)609ecf6fadfdb_Screenshot2021-05-14at1_25_37PM.thumb.png.18f86749e9c0ac18748ae787b23a85b7.png

  11. 1082
  12. We should be on 1065 now.
  13. We have to get more people to post in this or it's going to take YEARS to get to 100,000. Correct me if i'm wrong, but there is now 1059 posts, and the first post didn't count. So wouldn't we be on 1060? ( = 1059 or 1060.
  14. Hid doesn't lie chouta on a hill, but my lnstant noodles and p!" QuandoSando kills inexplorablly wi Kaladin.