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    "Nope, he's not human. I gots papers what prove he's a giraffe"
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    Blacksmithing, Bushcraft, Reading, being a Mistborn, having dinner with Wax and Wayne, and talking with Sazed about life.
  1. Did someone say MTG?? AND Dnd???? AND MISTBORN??!?!?! My man, those are great. Welcome to the Shard!
  2. Then immediately froze to death.
  3. And yet Wiz was still standing where he started.
  4. Noice.
  5. Lmao I have a list of the memes and it took 5 seconds to post it. Mostly i was writing the last of an essay.
  6. Yes.... I suppose....
  7. Blake and nameless silently step over Wiz.
  8. Blake follows nameless
  9. Ahhh that one guy. you know, the skaa?
  10. Blake is a red dragonborn;He is immune.