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  1. Plenty of people can defeat Dalinar in a fight, here are just some examples: Heralds Windrunners above the 2nd ideal Skybreakers above the 2nd ideal Elsecallers who are proficient at soulcasting Lightweavers who are proficient at soulcasting and or lighweaving Truthwatchers who are proficient at lighweaving Dustbringers who are proficient at division Radiants above the 4th ideal Shards Coinshots Mistborn any twin born who has steel Steel compunders Neturo-son-Vallano with the bondsmith honorblade Ishar with the bondsmith honorblade Moash Szeth-son-Neturo Fullborn The 5 scholars excluding sahashara Elatrians Feruchemists Kandra with one spike Sleepless anyone bonded to yelig-nar who can control the power Warform singers Anyone in shardlate While Dalinar is dangerous, he isn't immortal. As a fused he shouldn't be too difficult to kill with anti voidlight. The coalition already has raysium dangers.
  2. "But as for Ishi’Elin, his was the part most important at their inception; he readily understood the implications of Surges being granted to men, and caused organization to be thrust upon them; as having too great power, he let it be known that he would destroy each and every one, unless they agreed to be bound by precepts and laws." - Words of Radiance chapter 42 epigraphs.
  3. Ishar created the 5 ideals for each order, the ideals were "filled out" as a natural consequence of the bond.
  4. Taln believes the radiants to be "ishar's knights". Not only that, surgebinders predate the orders. The ideals were created by Ishar, however they were a natural outgrowth of the spren.
  5. A lot of things are possible, for example it's possible that Taravangians loophole is to bond with Dalinar, and release himself from Roshar. The problem with baseless speculation is that it can get ridiculous very quickly. I already provided an example on what baseless speculation could lead to. When ever you are having a logical discussion, speculation must be supported by a reasonable amount of evidence. If we knew the 5th ideal for multiple orders, and all of them negated the 4 previous ideals, then it would be safe to say that the 5th ideal negates the the first 4. One data point is nowhere near enough to to extrapolate from. That's not the only reason why the 5th Bondsmith ideal probably doesn't negate the 4 previous ideals. The 5 ideals have to make thematic sense. For example, the reason that the 5th ideal negates the previous 4 ideals for a Skybreaker, is that the theme of the Skybreaker ideals is following codes to insure that you do the right thing. Once a Skybreaker reaches the 5th ideal, they can change their code, because they understand codes well enough. Thematically it would make zero sense for the 5th Edgedancer ideal, to allow the Edgedancer to forget those who have been forgotten. Same thing with the Bondsmiths, how would it make thematic sense for the 5th Bondsmith ideal to allow them to divide people? It's literally the antithesis of the entire order.
  6. here is the wob: Aradanftw If you were to use Hemalurgy on a Surgebinder, would it steal the Surge or the actual spren bond? Brandon Sanderson It's going to steal the spren bond, but you've got to remember the spren has power over that bond. So what you're doing is (1) incredibly evil, even more evil, but (2) you may not end up with what you want, because that spren has free will in most cases. You may go through all this trouble and then they may break the bond, and you would be left without it. So you would need something else to force them to be unable to break the bond, which would be even more evil, but it is possible in Hemalurgy. Read the last sentence, the wob states that is possible to prevent the spren from breaking the bond. The wob doesn't state that the radiant doesn't have to follow oaths. The skybreaker 4th Ideal is about fulfilling quest, the windrunner 4th ideal is completely different, therefore the different orders have relatively difrent ideals.
  7. Show me where in the wob it said that hemalurgy allows a radiant to break oaths, without breaking the bond.
  8. Why does it matter? Everyone knows what I mean, when I say that breaking oaths kills spren.
  9. There is no evidence to suggest that the 5th ideal for skybreakers, has the same effects as the 5th bondsmith ideal.
  10. Different orders have different oaths. Hemalurgy can only prevent the spren from breaking the bond, if the radiant breaks their oaths, then they are the ones breaking the bond. This is why breaking oaths broke pre recreance bonds.
  11. First of all that is baseless speculation. Second of all, Dalinar is two whole oaths from the 5th ideal. Finally, the ideals are artificial, they were put in place by Ishar. This means that Ishar would never give such a dangerous order the ability to get away with practically anything.
  12. Did you even read my post? I'm not talking about the Stormfather breaking the bond, I'm talking about the fact that if Dalinar breaks his ideals, he kills the Stromfather.
  13. If Dalinar breaks his oaths, he kills the Stormfather.
  14. If Dalinar doesn't follow his ideals, he loses his bond. His third ideal would prevent him from being a good fused, since he would constantly have to "take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man."