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  1. I always thought it would be neat to be an ant. Be part of the big picture where you knew exactly what was expected of you. It is the opposite of human nature so I think I would learn the most from being an ant.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I just came back from the library and was holding that book. Unfortunately, I got a dragon book by Weis. Weis is OK so far but perhaps not my preferred style.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a James Michener style fantasy book. Something that follows a family through generations so you can learn the ups and downs of a magic system. A book that takes place over millennia instead of years. I used to read a lot of historical fiction by authors like Michener, Follett and Rutherford. All of them have a style that builds upon one basic setting that grows over generations and follows the same families. You learn the ups and downs of the families and how they build upon previously taught skill sets. Thanks.
  4. I have read quite a few different fantasy authors and they all bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the table. One thing I find most often is that authors lose or have too much creativity when naming a character. When an author creates such a unique name that I can’t pronounce it I have the fourth wall broken every time I reed that name. On the contrary there is the ‘Og and Glok’ caveman effect too. If every town and person in a book is named in a Tolkien manner I once again break the fourth wall. Names are personal and should not be derivative. Well, enough of my rant. Brandon really gives people and places names in such a beautiful manner. To me every name has so much identity. Vin has such a minimal, beast like feel. Navani sounds like a powerful queen. Alethkar feels like authoritarian life. Shadesmar feels ethereal. I haven’t found another author that writes names as well as Brandon.
  5. It looks like a dome to me. It’s unfortunate that google earth doesn’t have topography on that area.
  6. Earlier in RoW Venli says that Timbre has imprisoned her voidspren in Venli’s gemheart. As Venli and Timbre grow together we hear less and less about Ulim. Is Venli doubly invested with surgebinding and voidbinding because she has two spren? Or did Ulim go away and she is doubly invested because she is a regal radiant?
  7. At the end of RoW El is described as "The figure had twisting horns on his head and carapace that reflected the light wrong. He always ripped off his natural carapace formations at each rebirth, then replaced them with metal inclusions They were incorporated into his body by Voidlight healing and his own special talents." (page 1204) Is El a fused with Hemalurgic powers? Perhaps something similar to a Kandra?
  8. Excellent, thank you so much.
  9. Hello, I am halfway through RoW and love it just like all of the cosmere books. I have been trying to find an SA tattoo idea but need to find the "right" image. I get my books from the library so I am not sure if all of the SA books have a glyph imprinted into the hardcover? If they do, what are the glyphs? Also, what glyph is on the cover of RoW? Thanks, for the help.
  10. I have two types of magic that I am interested in. First is to be a phase shifter, shifting between solid/liquid/gas or plasma. My second would to be able to control oxygen levels in order to fight people, fires or save people. I haven’t figured out what I want to be required for activation or what the drawback is. What is your magic? Nick