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  1. Our Favorite Ascended Terrisman
  2. Lift and Wyndle
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! thanks again for the picture that became my pfp!

  4. From the album Human!

    I am human
  5. From the album Kandra at Home

    A Friendly little Kandra checking out some Atium.
  6. Happy Birthday! I love the art!

    1. HarmonysHerald


      Thank you so much!

      So sorry I'm just seeing this almost a year late!

  7. "You Cannot Have My Pain!"
  8. HAHAHA! That's great. I can totally see Wayne frog dancing around.
  9. Wax's right hand man Wayne. In a speed bubble with a newly traded hat.
  10. Thank you so much. I'll definitely do the mains. Hrathen, Dilaf and Serene. Working on Wayne's digital color currently.
  11. My IG art name is ShadowSpawnArt I've been doing a lot of toon fan art in the same style so I've dubbed them Spawnz. Like pops or dorbz