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  1. Do we know that his deal with Delacorte is one book per year?
  2. There's also the Law of Conservation of Characters. If there are many characters a person can be, Occam's razor suggests that it's the most well-known. Even if all we knew was that Azure was an Awakener from Warbreaker looking for Zahel, I think that would be enough to conclude she is Vivenna due to narrative causality. Why would Brandon use a different character when an existing character can already fulfil his purpose?
  3. I'm reasonably sure that there's also a band which Peter loves (which probably takes its name from the character), which is where the original handle came from.
  4. I'm reasonably sure that the conversation between Nightblood and Vasher in Warbreaker confirms that Nightblood should know that Shashara is dead. Why would he know this unless he was involved in killing her? Also, re: Azure = Vivenna, other than the WoB, we also have the following two pieces of evidence: 1. Azure seems to have the Royal Locks (her hair blanches white a few times in Shadesmar). This doesn't rule out Shashara, since Denth also had the Royal Locks, but it does make it much likelier. 2. Azure has a conversation with Adolin about the duty of kingship, and about how one of her wisest decisions was choosing not to become Queen. This conversation is the one that causes Adolin to push for Jasnah as the Alethi queen. This is a reference to Vivenna's arc in Warbreaker.
  5. It's likely I'm mixing last two years' SoS. If you check 2015, you'll notice that he says Nightblood is "on hiatus" and classifies is as tertiary, while for Elantris he's been consistently giving us dates (at one point it was b/w SA5 and SA6, and in the last one he mentioned as early as 2018). Even in the SoS you quoted, you'll notice that he didn't actually say he'll write Nightblood before MB Era 3 when he actually got down to speaking about it. I'm not sure why that is, but he's mentioned in the past that there's some behind the scene Cosmere reasons that he needs to finish Elantris before doing the back half of SA and Mistborn Era 3 (which, given how influential Warbreaker has been on SA so far, makes me really wonder what he's planning).
  6. It did? Can you give an example of the association for Sel?
  7. Isn't that a misinterpretation of the WoB? I'm reasonably sure that the WoB of the opposing force to Adonalsium was just the group that shattered him (and hence became the Vessels).
  8. All of these Warbreaker cameos are really making me wish Brandon decides to move up Nightblood (the novel). Last time he spoke about it, it wasn't in line for even the gap between the two Stormlight arcs (which is currently reserved for the two Elantris sequels, and the Mistborn Era 3 novels). I'm hoping plans have changed this round of SoS.
  9. Are you sure about this? My sense was that Honor (and maybe Cultivation?) were able to trap Odium on Roshar somehow using the Oathpact. I assumed that Odium was less able to influence the world (similar to Ruin), except he was able to get release when the Everstorm was released. That also explains the huge gap between the last desolation and the coming of the Everstorm: he was using that time to design the Everstorm and getting it right, so that he could make use of it as soon as Taln cracks.
  10. Is the shard who only wants to hide and survive likely to claim that they can handle Odium if he needs to be dealt with?
  11. The Sho Del are mentioned in the released chapters? Is it the ones released because of the Shattered Plains?
  12. Arcanum Unbounded and Stormlight Spoilers:
  13. I think Letter #1 is probably not Endowment - and I'm basing this simply on the fact that Egdli made Vasher and Shashara Returned, a process which seems to at least have some sort of sentience behind it. Those guys seems to have some super deep connections to Roshar, and I wouldn't be surprised if Nightblood / Zahel / Azure end up being crucial to the resolution of the plot of SA. This doesn't fit with the non-interference policy that the Shard seems to be subscribing to. I agree that Letter #2 is almost definitely Autonomy / Bavadin. Do we know the Shardworld on which Dark One occurs? What if that's what Obrodai is? I think it's pretty clear Uli Da must be Ambition - since, as far as we know, Odium has killed 4 Shards, and Ambition is the only one who's name we don't know. It's possible that he killed more, but I don't think it's likely.
  14. This also jives well with the fact that Cultivation can see into the future better than Honor, and seeing into the future is kind of like seeing through a crystal - the farther you try to see, the less you can decipher. Didn't Honor or Preservation themselves use a crystal analogy for seeing into the future once?
  15. It would be insane if everyone posits all of the possible Kholins as choices, and then Elhokar ended up being the guy who wrote Oathbringer.