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  1. I'd say that when in the cognitive realm nightblood would remain a sword, like Azure's blade, cause I don't know if it would have been very easy for vasher to bring nightblood to roshar if he turned into a human in the cognitive realm. While in the physical realm I think nightblood would appear as a flame to those in the cognitive realm, tho it would almost certainly be different in some way from most people's flames.
  2. The dawnshards grant "the breath of understanding of a deity" to any who hold them so that a mortal is able to completely understand their power and use it to its fullest extent. You don't need the understanding to use one.
  3. I had forgotten he was unaware for a bit, but I figure that could be just a side effect of being so close to death and then being pumped full of investiture. I agree, especially since Returned retain skills and talents even after having their memories wiped.
  4. I think that most cognitive shadows would still retain identity and be the same person from before they died, not just a copy. We see when kelsier dies that he is not pulled into the beyond before his cognitive shadow is stabalized by the well. Instead the well seems to somhow fuel his continued existance, and I think there is a change that a cognitive shadow's spiritweb is altered, allowing it to persist eternally and not recognize age as a changing factor. So Returned have to absorb a breatha weak to fuel the divine breath that tells their spiritweb to ignore age, whereas someone like keslier's spiritweb has been permanently altered to have this change. Probably a lot of holes in this thoery, but I thought it was an interesting take.
  5. I agree, the strength of the intent would not lessen, but perhaps it would be easier to break through the resistance if one side was weaker. However, I think it should be possible for him to meld the intents to create a knew one, capable of both ruining and preserving. That way he could act, perhaps in ruining something, to preserve something else, fulfilling both intents
  6. Thank you, I agree, not massive spoilers, and very much like Hoid to do, not to hard to see it coming.
  7. Could you give me a hint? I'm not certain what I'm looking for.
  8. It would be harder, but the investiture in the god metal isn't actively fighting agianst the awakening so I still think it would be possible, tho it may take an awakener of the same level as the God King to accomplish it
  9. I had a theory that to make a more accurate shardblade using the nightblood method, that is awakening a sword using 1000 breaths, you could make the sword out of a godmetal, so it is already special, and then awaken it, and it would essentially be just like radiant shardblades, highly invested swords made of a godmetal.
  10. The first one defintely seems like a reasonable ability of at least windrunner plate, but I don't think the second idea will be as accurate. I think, using the windspren that make up their shardplate, that windrunners will be able to redirect, or maybe even control storms and highstorms, like how Kaladin did for a short time in Oathbringer. I also think that Kaladin being able to gift his plate to others to protect them might be a windrunner plate ability, and other orders might not be able to do that, but could be able to do different things with theirs unique to their order.
  11. Of course we have no way of knowing, that's why we are discussing the strengths and weaknesses of both sides to determine which ability would give their user the advantage.
  12. Then why are they in a fight to the death in the first place? By your line of questioning the seer may not want to kill anyone either. We aren't discussing morality or motivation, we are asking if they were fighting to the death, both willing to kill the other, who would win?
  13. Good thing a gold compounder would be willing to be in the explosion or to get stabbed
  14. I think even unlimited resources for both benefits the bloodmaker, cause then they'll just constantly draw on health and make a mad rush with no regard for self preservation cause they know they can't get hurt permanently and would eventually overpower even a seer. I like your idea of equal beads and metalminds cause that is probably more realistic than the unlimited resources or equal resources scenarios.
  15. That's true of every fight. We are determining if all these things are equal, whos abilitites would give them the advantage. In my opinion part of a compounder's ability is that they are able to get massive amounts of their feruchemical store while others are more limited, so based on powers only, the compounder should have much more health than the seer has of atium sight.