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  1. This is actually true for my cousin's bookshelf. He has left a place just for the secret project.
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for following me!

  4. I understand the hatred people show towards Moash but I do not understand why everyone wants to F**k him. Moash again:
  5. I have realised my true potential and Ascended to become The Turtle Bear.

  6. Happy storming birthday! Hope you might come back some day!

    1. The Turtle Bear

      The Turtle Bear

      Thank you!

      I am back now that Lord Brandon has read to us the prologue of The Holy KoW

  7. We know that humans exist on multiple planets in the cosmere so is it possible that singers too exist on multiple planets? Or were they formerly humans whose dna was tampered by honor or cultivation and they exist only on roshar?
  8. Well, if it is about death rattles then I think that Dalinar's champion will be Kaladin and Odium's champion will be Moash due to this deathrattle that i found while re-reading TWoK Moash's pain is withdrawn from him and he stands against Kaladin, who saved his life. He raises his hand and Jezrien's honorblade responds.
  9. As the Sibling doesnt have any gender, I imagined their voice as something like a lot of people speaking the same thing at the same time.
  10. I think it fits better with Leshwi
  11. Knot of Weeping
  12. Yes but i am new to the 17th shard so i mess up things sometimes.