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  1. You again! Hello!! *recalls to the time he spent far too much time thinking this question over.* *Brain explodes.* ...Just gonna go with Mem and move on. =D Nightblood. No question. I just have this image in my mind of Szeth waving around a bright purple Nightblood. YASS!! ANOTHER CONVERT!! Really though, I hope you enjoy it! Greenglass House is more of a fireplace read than a fantasy novel read (still absolutely brilliant though, of course.) In terms of raw fantasy I'd probably recommend The Broken Lands.
  2. The invested arts of course!! As for non-cosmere, Kate Milford's roaming is so unique!! It's got a special style/prose that I just LOVE.
  3. Hello! Short-time lurker here who was finally peer-pressured into making an account! (You know who you are...) Uhhh... My one defining feature is that I really like purple. Yeah, you pretty much know the depths of my soul now. ... So excited to finally have a place on the shard! When do I go on a fool's errand to capture Hoid? =D