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  1. I'm honestly surprised that Windrunner only has 1 vote. Kaladin is pretty cool!
  2. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out!
  3. This is a topic I created to see which orders are the most popular.
  4. I would assume they followed the common sense but you never know, they might follow the country they're in.
  5. John Candy as Ham would make me laugh so hard!
  6. Willshaper followed by lightweaver
  7. Yes and it supposedly stopped the singers from spying in on them. If this is true, than could a mistborn be impenetrable to the Fuseds' powers?
  8. Maybe... If there was a Mistborn movie thirty years ago Harrison Ford would be a perfect actor for Kelsier
  9. Even if it means nothing
  10. Im just here to win
  11. I just watched the fourth Star Wars so I'm desperate to make a connection
  12. 1. Stormlight Archive 2. The Lord of The Rings 3. Percy Jackson 4. Skyward 5. Reckoners
  13. It would mostly depend on if it was before Taln went insane
  14. Idk, Kelsier is kind of a father figure to Vin in the first book and I guess that's why I made that connection...
  15. Yes but this is more than just unwinnable. An unmade could do it tho