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  1. I looked at the leaderboards today and guess what I saw, my avatar! I guess I'm #4 in most reputation this week. It's theĀ first but hopefully not the last time I'm up there.

  2. That's a great point, I can't believe I hadn't thought about that... But I would guess that, given humanities chance at freedom, his parents would continue to allow him to fight with the DDF
  3. I'm glad that all of you took the time to appreciate these problems. A huge problem of society is that we kind of send stuff like this to the back of our priorities, all it takes is a little help and telling people that they are not alone. I do not have a diagnosed mental illness but I do recognize that some people have to fight against their mental illness every day. To those of you who experience this, I give the utmost respect. Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!
  4. Eshonai and Adolin would never happen, but it would be awesome!
  5. Renlain is the easiest to say, but Relainarin looks better on paper. I would definitely give R^2 a vote though!
  6. Well, at that time Shallan was already on her fifth spren. She goes through them like old socks.
  7. No, but I do enjoy learning. TPBM is allergic to calendars
  8. Kingdom of Honorblades (it will be partly in Shinovar) Kingdom of Heralds Killer of Highprinces
  9. Hid doesn't lie chouta on a hill, but my lnstant noodles and p!" QuandoSando kills inexplorablly Qalaxin.
  10. I meant the movie, which is great. No, it is 4:11 where i am. TPBM thinks lunch is a very good meal
  11. Nope btw, have you ever heard of Disney? TPBM has never heard of Disney
  12. Mmm, breakfast. 10/10
  13. Nope. Not even gonna try TPBM has never seen Avatar
  14. I dont know, they have always jumped out to me ig