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  1. Yay! I finally reached 200 rep! If only I was active over the summer...:mellow:


  2. Granted but they melt in sunlight I wish for a flying house that eats people
  3. O/Row
  4. Granted but it smells like dead fish i wish for a pet rat
  5. Good luck! Safe travels!
  6. Granted but it attracts bees i wish for a third eye
  7. I could see Sja-Anat bonding a human to kinda spite Odium, but I think other than that small chance we won’t see any bonding unmade happening.
  8. No sorry, someone else can have a go!
  9. root beer!

    My sports commitments don’t allow much soda (I usually call it pop) but root beer is the best with ice cream!
  10. The stormfather? ah nvm didn’t see the bonus
  11. I can speak and write two, definitely not write three though. TPBM likes blueberries more than strawberries (kinda random)
  12. Thank you, I just couldn’t think of any logical reason to kill an asset that would help the war effort. I didn’t think about how he was a liability.