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  1. Do we know what happened to Denth's body? He could be as invested as Clod and headed to Yesteel too. A semi-awakened Denth could be terrifying.
  2. I'd imagine it would only be relevant if we actually do get Elantris 2 and 3. Yes, the Glory Faction made the attempt but what I was saying was that Hoid or a 17th shard member may have been influential in the decision to make the attempt. Just the vibe I got from the conversation between Hoid and Shai in the deleted scene's conversation.
  3. Welcome to the Shard!

  4. So Hoid clearly "pushed the boulder" in order to steal the Moon Scepter and possibly to cause Shai's imprisonment. Do we know if he or possibly another world hopper may have set the failed assassination attempt in motion? This novella could contain some of the highest levels of Hoid's influence if so in my opinion.