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  1. So, what’s everyone’s favorite books by Brandon? (Doesn’t have to be Cosmere) Mine has to be either the Stormlight Archive (first books of his ever read) or Elantris. Close behind though is Skyward and the Rithmatist.
  2. Does The Unknown Noel know what thread this is?
  3. Hmm, was the fall greater than 3 stories?
  4. How high a fall?
  5. Does anyone belong here?
  6. Granted but the words never change I wish for perfect knowledge and a mind to comprehend it
  7. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I have NHIE read Lord of the Rings
  8. Whatever you want it to be And yes I’ve read the Inheritance Cycle and still love it… it’s the only reason I’m even here writing this. Also, has anyone ever read/heard of Joseph Campbell and his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”? It’s a great book (from what I’ve heard) that is about all the connections between stories and the underlying archetypes of all of them. (we don’t speak of the Eragon movie)
  9. What is the best muffin for the muffin man?
  10. Okay, so I’m taking a little from Jedi vs Knight Radiants here but what about Knight Radiants vs allomancers? 1) mistborn vs Knight Radiant 2) misting vs Knight Radiant 3) feruchemist vs Knight Radiant 4) twinborn vs Knight Radiant 5) fullborn vs Knight Radiant 6) Kelsier vs Kaladin (or some other high end Radiants like Dalinar) You can pick the specific orders/oath level and metals and as @Duxredux has pointed out, you pick all the undefined parameters. 7) Awakening vs Knight Radiant 8) any magic system vs any other (the best users seen so far against each other specifically) 9) order vs order
  11. What muffin man?
  12. Yeah, I get you. It can be pretty difficult to understand some things without rereading many times. I agree with pretty much everything @EmulatonStromenkiin has said on this. I would like to note that we believe that the Godhead-Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost-are three distinct, separate Beings which is contrary to the idea of the Trinity I believe. The Father and the Son also have resurrected bodies of Flesh and Bone.
  13. Dang, if only this was at 1957 pages...
  14. So I had this theory just pop into my head as I was reading and it basically is this: Will Syl eventually choose to be enlightened by Sja-anat to better understand emotion? So far all the spren of Roshar have been of Honor and Cultivation and recently, some, touched by Odium. Odium is described as passion and emotion so it makes sense that his power would help sapient spren to better understand emotion, especially in humans. Syl has expressed a desire to better understand Kaladin and his emotions, even going to Dalinar for help. Would not then, she go to Sja-anat to become more than just of Honor and Cultivation? Maybe even Odium? We know that Odium is not going anywhere now and that he is now a part of Roshar so would it be wrong to assume that spren will start being influenced by his power? What are your guys thoughts on this? Am I completely wrong?
  15. So I haven't really seen any pages talking about what people think will happen in the cosmere in the later eras, specifically the space/sci-fi. I recently just read a very interesting WOB that I believe is not canon but could show us Sanderson's plans or ideas for the future. (spoiled for length) (Underlined Bold is mine for most important parts) So long story short, Scadrial and Roshar seem to be in some sort of a conflict and both want control of the Avier. Their ship uses Allomancy to fly, and the Knight Radiant is a Skybreaker and has learned of a way to make a gun from their spren that can use an external ammo. What are your thoughts and predictions? Why would they be fighting, who do you think would win, etc. Also, do you think that their respective planets will be united or not? And will the other planets take sides or form their own factions?
  16. Happy Independence Day everyone!! What are your favorite parts about today?
  17. No? Do you?
  18. I just got back from FSY and it’s Independence Day!!!
  19. You think this will end? It’s going to go till the end of the Internet. Also, Happy Independence Day!!
  20. Yeah, I also just got back from FSY, it was great! Happy Independence Day!!