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  1. Happy Independence Day everyone!! What are your favorite parts about today?
  2. I just got back from FSY and it’s Independence Day!!!
  3. You think this will end? It’s going to go till the end of the Internet. Also, Happy Independence Day!!
  4. Yeah, I also just got back from FSY, it was great! Happy Independence Day!!
  5. Good luck @Experience! I hope you have a great Experience!
  6. Why does that matter in any way, shape, or form?
  7. It’s not that some translators couldn’t have had some inspiration but it is taught that they were not chosen by God to be the translators and therefore did not have the authority to be able to translate it perfectly, and Satan was doing all he could in that time to change them in any way including by there being people that wanted to make changes to suit their needs. I don’t think that it really matters but yes I see your point but in the end you will have made a decision and that will undoubtedly be affected by your knowledge. Yes, it is taught to be one of the many lost truths that was restored through scripture and revelation. We believe the Godhead to be there, distinct, separate beings.
  8. Why are we all so confused?
  9. Granted but you forgot The Question I wish to see a Highstorm
  10. 1. I would say yes, we would be on a level very extremely close to that of God, we are His children and it is every parents wish for their child to be better than them and to achieve greater things. Bear in mind that there is still much to be revealed in the future and we only have so much knowledge that has been given to us. 3. They are technically on the same level but the Bible has been translated multiple times by simple people without the inspiration of God and it has lost important truths over time whereas the Book of Mormon was translated through the power of God. Also, I don’t see any conflict with us being as God (omnipotent, omniscience, etc) as He is a separate being from the Son with a body of flesh and bone just like us, but perfected.
  11. I feel you, it is so hard not to get lost in the massiveness