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  1. Ooo I like this line of thinking - I wonder if creationspren would be more able to take on different shapes, as they’re always changing shape. Like, quickly changing into snow boots, a shard shield, or a glider.
  2. Re-reading Mistborn and felt inspired to do this quick painting of Vin. I’ve always liked the aesthetic of misty Luthadel at night.
  3. It does seem, though, that RoW is pointing out that the humans are now as much a part of Roshar as the Singers, which I think takes the bite away from that truth. See especially Navani’s chapters. So while I get what you’re saying, it seems like the text is pointing in a different direction that will lead to (some) Singers and Humans uniting against Odium, rather than emphasizing the humans’ status as ancient invaders.
  4. It definitely seems to be a hanging threat, especially with Kal almost breaking his oaths twice now and the reveal of Shallan’s previous spren. I think, though, that BAM will be released and that will stop deadeyes being a result of oath-breaking. Which means that even if another recreance occurred, the results wouldn’t be nearly as devastating. At that point, would it even be considered a “recreance”? Also, there seems to be a large theme of spren bending and realizing that their rigid interpretation of things isn’t the only “right” way (especially in the case of the stormfather and honorspren), which could mean that instead of another recreance we see a balance reached between the rigidity of spren oaths and the changeability of humans.
  5. Thanks for doing this!
  6. Ohhhh I see the connection now - makes a lot more sense!
  7. What is your reasoning behind Painspren for the Stonewards? The rest I could all see but feel a bit baffled on this one.
  8. Just spitballing here, but the concepts would be Hatred + Honor combining. War is a reasonable result, but as Fisherman pointed out the light isn't exactly a one-to-one correspondence to the Intent of the Shard. I am wondering if something akin to Justice might be the result. A hatred of wrong and the need to right wrongs seems plausible. And justice is a force for change and sometimes disruption, which could allow for the opposition with Harmony that has been discussed.
  9. It does seem like what she says to Taravangian here is ambiguous, and I can see taking it in an unsettling way. I think, however, an equally plausible interpretation, and perhaps more plausible, is that all of her backstage planning is simply to prevent Rayse-Odium from achieving his plans of splintering all of the Shards. I think she set up Taravangian to be able to handle Odium so that he wouldn't be as consumed by the "destroy" Intent of the Shard's power, in hopes that T-Odium will be more controllable and she will be able to help him see reason and be an ally to the other Shards instead of a single-minded foe. This all, of course, is I think the most straightforward interpretation of Cultivation's actions, which as we know can be misleading.