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  1. It doesn't really matter. My order will go in to kill Elkanah; tell me if you guys decide to change it.
  2. Sorry, everyone else, but when Elandera admitted that Manukos had tried to use his bead, so we had less atium than I thought, I didn't want to take chances on Nobledra losing our hold over the game. Manukos, you got lucky in that I was more unsure of your actions than Elandera when we submitted the plan. @Straw, what do you mean, "Who will win"? We vote no lynch today, then tonight I kill Striker and Elkanah converts him. The game is effectively decided.
  3. Okay, yeah, looks like El orchestrated that whole nonsense. We can't check with Abstrusity to confirm, but I do know that El was the loudest voice in his ear from cycle 1; she dictated most of his actions. Before she died, we were joking about how we'd made the game too easy, and she mentioned she was considering giving herself a bonus objective of making sure she was the only player in her House to win. I guess she went for it. By the way, when this is over, if you want to understand everything that happened, read my PM with her. She absolutely dominated this game, with me as her faithful lackey. She had firm connections with literally more than half the playerbase four hours into the game, and in the end, Stink, Snip, and Shqueeves are the only players who she didn't get control of.
  4. @Elandera We can't kill you until after Manukos uses his atium. This has been a thorn in my side for a while now, especially when you took out Shqueeves while he still had an atium. (Did El tell you to do that? Because I'm still not positive what happened that night, but it looks to me like El decided to abandon us to pursue an alternate win condition she set for herself.) You're right about the wait, though. Both houses are reset to 0 attempts right now, unless you or Manukos went looking for another extra bead last night. 3 cycles until a guaranteed success. 2 successes, actually, though the second is kind of meaningless. We could make both you *and* Manukos kandra, I guess. @Straw if we did that, would House Venture have no winner? Or would Devotary win from beyond the grave? For tonight, we need to be careful. If we convert two players, one house will win, the game will lock up, and we'll be forced into the failsafe vote.
  5. Okay! The Nobledra Alliance is now officially in control of the game, so we don't need to hide anymore. To everyone else, we've basically been running this game from Day 1. We've exerted influence over every kill, and every player who's won so far has been one of us. There are now two beads of atium in the game -- one in Nobledra hands, one not -- which is one fewer than the amount we'd need for every remaining player to win. We can either lynch somebody and win tonight, or wait around until another bead turns up. I'm okay with either, but I'm guessing most people would prefer the latter?
  6. Well, I promised I'd post before rollover. Lemonelon. Coda. Good game, guys.
  7. Public announcement: I'm going to play this game a little differently from usual. Glancing over the rules, it seems like there's going to be a lot of politicking in which absolute honesty would be a severe disadvantage. So I'm going to allow myself to lie in this one. It doesn't count against my streak if I warn you, right? I meant to say this before the game started, but never got around to it.
  8. Sorry for the inactivity over the last cycle; I meant to find time to post, but never managed. I agree with the Lemonelon lynch, both for the odd posts others have noted, and because pretty much every player in the game is dependent on Lemonelon's alignment to one degree or another. Not enough time again, but this time I promise to be back before rollover.
  9. Lot to say, but no time. For now, I'm going to point out again that DeTess was the person who made the train happen, with nothing more than a parrot of Snipexe's argument. I scanned Devotary as evil, so my scan is valueless. Sart is in the clear, and has some moderate trust where I'm concerned. DA has always read as tonally elim to me, so I've learned not to trust my reads of him. That said, he made some solid points last cycle, and I had read him as village. His late-cycle argument against the Lynch, though, is troubling. He had to know that he couldn't change the Lynch that late with such an overwhelming lead -- but if he'd pulled one or two people off it, he could have killed the majority, and kept us from learning how it works. Lum being killed, though, is not an argument against him. It seems far more likely that Lum was killed because if Devotary flipped as "reverse scanner" like people were hypothesizing, Lum would have been confirmed good.
  10. Like I explained at the time, we badly need a majority. The lynch was already decided by 6-1 lead. I'd rather lynch someone else, but if we're lynching Devotary, we might as well learn how the types work.
  11. All right, it looks like the people have spoken. Devotary. Still not comfortable about this, especially about the lack of resistance to it, but a majority is worth it. I'll try to be around again before turnover, but it's D&D night, so I can't promise anything. And yeah, I, too, am scanning Devotary, just in case.
  12. I'm not at all comfortable with this early train on Devotary. I agree that the last-minute vote was suspicious, but not enough to warrant this kind of mob response. So, I'm going to vote DeTess to widen the vote options, and because she started the train. That said, I still think we badly need a majority lynch to figure out what exactly is going on, so if Devotary remains the top lynch when I get on later, I'll switch my vote over. I also wanted to point out that @Lumgol has done a lot of talking this cycle without dropping a vote.
  13. This intrigues me enough that I'm going to make the extremely unwise decision to play multiple games on an already tight schedule. I'm going to be able to at least check in every day, though past that it's anybody's guess. But I don't want to miss out on this. Abundance character to come later (after I come up with one for my other game ). I can pretty much guarantee I won't be doing much RP, though; sorry.
  14. That makes so much more sense! I scanned Sart as a Determined Thug, which was really throwing me for a loop, making me question all of my reads. It's still possible he's playing the riskiest Elim game ever, but it looks unlikely to me. I seriously doubt it's as easy as "you get opposite results". As Devotary pointed out, it's too easy to course-correct that, and turn the entire Village into alignment scanners. I suspect it's either random, or there's some other trick. In any case, it's an even bigger priority than before that we get a majority lynch today, guys! We need to understand how this all works.
  15. Except that there is exactly one way in the rules to learn someone's Type. Are you saying you think even a majority vote will only give us a number? Or that a non-majority will give us the number anyway, despite apparently having no way to make use of it? Neither sounds reasonable to me.