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  1. As this game's self-appointed loremaster, I can help you out by letting you know that this image is actually impossible. Day and night don't happen chronologically in the Fae; they happen geographically. The Cthaeh's tree (which I assume is what you're trying to describe) is fairly far dayward, so it can never be night there. Also, it stands alone in a meadow; there aren't any other trees about it. I'll also be willing to help with RP, assuming I survive long enough. Oooh! This! I like this. We should do this one.
  2. *Sigh*. I never was a very good Elim. Also, we've been unreasonably unlucky this game. Alv, I blame your gods. You probably should have thought it through before letting the sister of someone called "The Necromancer" join your troupe.
  3. *sigh* Well, if the Elims hadn't thought of this yet, they certainly have now. Can we get some protection on Drought, please? I'm sure he looks like a very attractive two-for-one kill, now. Regarding the PM Chain: The entire point of this is to make it so that we can publicly reveal the information without having to trust anyone whatsoever. The point of the numbering system is to make it so that no one except the original Sithe can be certain where it started. Then, once the origin is sufficiently concealed, we can publicly reveal the information to the entire thread. We can choose to trust Orlok -- and I agree, we'd almost certainly be vindicated -- but why? Why introduce more variables? As to my suspicions, I'm still baffled as to why @Aonar Faileas continues to absolutely refuse our calls for him to post something. At this point, though, I'm more confused than suspicious; I can't see what he hopes to gain right now, no matter what alignment he is. Devotary is raising some flags by drilling into Fifth for understandably trying to prevent joke votes from winning the lynch; I felt the same way that he did. We lynched Elandera largely by luck; the only vote on her in the entire cycle that was legitimately justified was Orlok's. It seems to me as though he is trying to deflect attention from Snipexe, by offering up someone else as the almost-savior of Elandera. And now, as I write this, Snipexe has just jumped on the lifeline Devotary is throwing him. I'm putting my vote on Devotary, though I'd also be okay with lynching Snipexe, and will switch if it comes down to Snipexe or someone else. In either case, if they turn out to be Elim, I strongly believe the next lynch should be on the other. If it turns out that Snipexe is not an Elim, I'll take another look at Fifth, but for now, Snipexe seems far more likely. Both of these are reasonable. The reasoning is spoilery, though, especially in Encanis's case, so I'm putting them in spoilers. Encanis: Cthaeh: All that said, I don't think that we should rule out the possibility that there *is* no conversion mechanic, and this is just the GMs covering their bases in case they wanted to introduce one. We don't appear to have heard anything about it from our Sithe informants, after all.
  4. Fithy looked around uncomfortably. She really hated being the center of attention, but... "I guess I'm our de facto expert on the Fae, huh? Well, I once heard a story about how a peasant boy once picked a Rhinna flower for the princess of the Fae, to save her life. In the story, the flower grew upon the tree of the Cthaeh." Ralian? Did you make this place up, or is this just some KKC trivia I don't know about?
  5. Hey, can anyone tell me what's wrong with my color palette? The colors on it are all weird. I'm having to use "Strong Red" and "Emerald" instead of red and green.
  6. ...Fair. Bort. Moving my vote to Aonar, who has still not posted, despite coming online multiple times.
  7. I suppose I shouldn't argue against myself, but Skindancers are Fae, and though it hasn't been explicitly stated in the text, it seems likely that Scrael are faen creatures as well. If we didn't have Fae enemies, why would there be multiple Village roles with anti-Fae powers? @Drake Marshall @randuir Clarification: do Encanis, Cinder, and Cyphus count as Fae? Given the mystery surrounding the Chandrian, it's conceivable that they are. Also, I'm not sure it matters, but does Encanis count as a Chandrian or a demon? I only ask because you've made the odd choice of calling him "Encanis", and though it's widely suspected that he is the Chandrian known as Haliax or Alaxel, all we know for certain is that he is the lord of all demons according to the Tehlin church. I'm going to put my vote on Bort, who appears to me to be trying to skate by with a harmless joke vote in order to bypass the inactivity filter without contributing much. I'm admittedly also not ecstatic about the fact that that vote is on me. That said, I'm also very keen to hear why Aonar seems to be totally ignoring Rae's poke. If he persists in this, I may shift my vote to give the poke a little more teeth.
  8. I am considering it. I don't know if he's evil, or just a fool, but I fear he will bring ruin down upon us all.
  9. Chandrian, Chandrian is a children's song. From the KKC wiki: And you should probably be informed: Tinkers have a lot of superstition in this world; unlike in others, they are looked upon very favorably. It's considered extremely bad luck to disrespect a Tinker in any way. Most tragic stories start with the lead character being rude to a Tinker; it's a signal that "things are not going to go well for this character".
  10. Oh, come on! I'm Vintish; I'm supposed to know about superstitions. And don't tell me you didn't sing Chandrian, Chandrian when you were growing up. Don't point fingers at me just because you forgot the verse about blue fire which is at the top of the writeup.
  11. Point of order: if there's no moon in the mortal realm -- as there would have to be, for us to have been drawn into the Fae like this -- then the moon should be full on this side. Wow. Okay. Uh. Imma just stand... over here... (edges away from the crazy person who is taunting fate). No, blue fire is one of the signs of the Chandrian. Get your superstitious folklore right. In fact, blue flame is specifically the sign of Cyphus's presence, so it's safe to assume he's in the game.
  12. If this doesn't start soon, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop. I'm free to play for the next two weeks, but after that I might not be able to. As is, I'm already a little worried I might end up going silent in the late game.
  13. Impartial Mod. We've had issues with people getting over-invested in games to the point of toxicity, so it's now our policy to have all games overseen by a mod who is not involved in the game; they act as a sort of moral referee, with the power to step in and halt the game if things get out of control.
  14. Signing up as Fifth Daughter Resterford -- "Fithy" for short -- A young, cheerful Vintish noblewoman who is living among the Ruh after her older brother Sev "The Necromancer" Resterford slaughtered most of the rest of her family, in retribution for having given him the name "Seventh Son". NOTE: For more on Sev Resterford and his wacky hijinks, see LG18. He's such a rascal.
  15. I feel like maybe they should be 'A' and 'I', because of how similar the Dawnate character is to the glyphic radical for 'I', plus the fact that it's represented in English by 'I' more often than 'E'. Also, don't forget the first letter of Aimia, which still seems to me like it might be different from the 'A' in Alethela or Thalath, making for three total vowels. Could it conceivably be the vowel from "cat" or "apple"? It would make Makabakam awkward to pronounce, but I could imagine it in the other two. Just to make sure, as a non-linguist -- that's something like 'HL' or 'LH', right? So the diacritic would correspond to the H in the English translation?