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  1. Welcome to the shard. If you want to read more crazy theories and since you just finished ROW check out the child champion theory on ROW discussion Forum
  2. been there. I do not recommend sleep deprivation in order to finish.
  3. I will nitpick this specific statement because amount of investment is not tied to strenght. As Harmony who has two polar powers says he cannot direct his streght due to the will of the shards in opposition. As to the argument I agree. Gavinor being odium champion seems unrealistic. Taravangian would not throw the fight unless he is aiming for something different. So if he uses Gavinor then he would have to do so to strike at a different target. If gavinor dies then Adolin replaces Gavinorn as heir. It doesn't help Odium.
  4. Dude I like this
  5. I thought liren makes a quick reference to the plauge when talking about refuges in chapter 1 or 2. i could be wrong.
  6. These Are my theories. I agree. I just do not see a scenerio where TOdium wins the contest of champions. I think the second half is TOdium doing stuff off world and a whole lot of people comming to roshar to fight odium or join odium. What Odiums have always wanted is a super smash bros free for all event. Part 2 of Stormlight is where roshar turns into a proxy war for different god factions. I remeber in book 1 epigraphs dragon dude from 17th shard tells hoid to back off because he would create a bunch of extra beef. Roshar is about to be kitchen where they cook the beef into beef paties.
  7. so is it generaly accepted that the world hoppers from interlude 1 book 1 are responsible for purelake disease that liren talks about at the very begining of ROW.
  8. Welcome. "hello everybody" dr. nick from the simpsons right.
  9. welcome welcome. I recommend checking out theory pages.
  10. I agree kaladin has had trouble fighting to protect others. in book 2 kaladin doesn't want to fight listeners. book 3 kaladin doesn't want to fight singers. kaladin asks sill about the oaths when escaping singers in book 3. he asks why he has to fight to protect. Kaladin at end of book 4 has had trouble fighting. My guess I will fight to protect until I can find a better way
  11. I like the idea but i do not know if it is honorable. When adolin assinated sadeas dalinar and kaladin both saw it as wrong. There was a scene where dalinar talks to adolin before he goes to shadesmar. If Dalinar, who holds the most of the shard honor, has such a bad reaction then I cant imagine that both kal and syl will be okay with executing moash. Kal has more a paternal vibe.
  12. I thought nothing exist in vacume. emptyness = no force act on anything because nothing there.
  13. Adalnalsium does not need vesel because it is complete. Shards need vesel because they are not whole piece of adalnasium. Infinite without infinite.