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  1. *I have only read up to Dawnshard so I have not read RoW yet* but I came up with a pretty interesting thought. So we know that after Stormlight 5, there is going to be a 10-15 year world period until the next book. We also know Taravangian is getting up there in his age, and we even know that he feels that he feels he won't be around much longer in Oathbringer. So putting these two pieces of info together, it is pretty obvious that Taravangian most likely won't be around after Stormlight 5 and into 6 and there is no way that we just get a short explanation telling that Taravangian died during the 15 year stretch in book 6. I think that we Taravangian will probably end up having a very important death in book 5 (unless it already happened in Rhythm of War and I just have yet to read it yet). Taravangian could be betrayed by Odium or even Dalinar if the Diagram goes wrong and stuff goes down. No matter how Taravangian dies, that event will carry major consequences. Will his deal with Odium be repealed? Will the people of the Diagram continue to follow its instructions? There is so much that could happen. Please contribute any thoughts you have, I would really appreciate a good discussion about this unless Rhythm of War explains it all.
  2. I asked the same thing when I first joined the forum. I'm guessing you are new. Welcome to the Forum and if you don't want to wait for a response you could always search for a topic or discussion in the search tab to see if anyone has talked about what you want to ask to get immediate info.
  3. The way that Brandon is always just throwing hints out here and there is what led me to notice this. I haven't reread any of the Cosmere yet (because I'm just over halfway through the published books) but I'm looking forward to being able to go back and pick out all the little details that just point to exact events that will come. As I'm sure has been noted by many, his ability to foreshadow is incredible.
  4. I read Edgedancer about a month and a half ago and always had this thought in the back of my head. I'm not entirely sure if someone has made this connection and talked about it yet, but I think that Hauka, the immigration guard in Yeddaw must be a Radiant or at least someone of significance. There are just too many pieces of evidence to prove this: 1. She collects infused spheres. I am aware that this is just so she can read, but it's definitely a little suspicious. 2. As the cart full of grain is heading towards the edge, "Hauka leaped for the cart in a burst of energy, seizing it by its side. . . The cart, however, slowly lurched to a halt." This "burst of energy sounds very similar to whenever a radiant breathes in stormlight and just seems too good to be true. It is also quite a feat to be able to hold a cart that is about to roll off a cliff. 3. This is small and might not mean much but as Lift is spying on Hauka we get this detail: "Below, the captain closed her window and apparently hooded her spheres." Another detail that could just add to the fact that Hauka is infusing stormlight. Emphasis on the apparently. And then Nale also asks about her spheres which just makes it even more suspicious. I definitely think we will get more from Hauka, and just enough information is given about her to make her story very intriguing. It seems that she has the surge of either adhesion or Abrasion since she is able to stop the cart from rolling off the cliff. Let me know if I'm missing something or just totally misinterpreting the situation.
  5. I think a good way to sum up these two major ideas–whether they are themes, motifs, or any other classifications–would be to say the Stormlight Archive is brilliant in that it brings up how responsible one is over the lives of others. This magnificent epic covers so much that this is a major part of what it is and I am sure it will evolve. I also think it is important to recognize that one of the best parts of reading a vast story that covers an immense amount of perspectives and ideologies, is that anyone, from any background, can relate and sympathize with the characters in one way or another. This versatile way of writing is something that Brandon does so well throughout the Cosmere.
  6. I'm also not sure if this is totally accurate, but I heard in a podcast that in WoK just before Kaladin swears the 2nd Ideal and saves Dalinar, he sees that Moash has 9 shadows. This has been in the back of my mind for a while and I definitely want to look it up in the book to see if it is true. If it is it could have serious implications. I've only read up to Dawnshard so I'm not sure if anything develops with Moash related to this (if it's even true) in RoW. If anyone else knows anything about this it would be nice to know some more solid information.
  7. These are invalid in that they are morally wrong, however, the motivations to do these things are as explained "valid." I think the term "valid" is making things a little confusing. These things are in no way just. But when looking at it from Taravangian's perspective it is just to save the human race. So whether or not it is valid or invalid is up to interpretation. It is valid to Taravangian because he is insane and is motivated by his insane views. But invalid from a moral standpoint.
  8. This is exactly what I'm saying and it is one of the things that makes the Cosmere sooooo intriguing. Also, I meant the listeners. However, I don't think I've read enough to really compare the two yet so I could be making judgements that don't really make any sense.
  9. I'm making my way through my first read-through of stormlight and I am currently about halfway through Oathbringer. I've made an observation that I think is meant to be there. It seems like in most fantasy series it is easy to hate the evil enemy (WoT for example: You despise the forsaken and the Shadowspawn forces because they are ruining the Main characters' lives) but in Stormlight I find myself loathing the Alethi and kind of rooting for the Parshendi. Obviously, the Alethi Culture is messed up and totally inefficient, but after reading a Moash point of View chapter with the normal Parshendi, I feel that they could run a better civilization than the Alethi ever could. Now I know this probably won't work out due to the control of the Fused, but I still like the Parshendi better than the Alethi. It is made clear that the Alethi suck, but I haven't really gotten a sense of hatred for the Parshendi. The only thing they have done is try to prevent desolations, which kinda makes them the protagonist right? So I just wanted to make this post to get input about this and see how others feel.
  10. I really like this concept. I think some combination of Kelsier, Vin, and Sazed flashbacks would definitely work, and maybe even some random flashbacks of the rest of the crew. From what I remember we really don't get a lot about the past lives of Ham, Breeze, Clubs, and Marsh. I think it would really be interesting to see how these other characters developed and uncover the questions that we have about what they did before joining the crew
  11. Okay, I found it. In chapter 88 of Words of Radiance, Shallan finds a note with the Ghostblood symbol and Shallan written on it. In the room that had the note Mraize is there and they talk about how he figured her out. Thanks for the help.
  12. I am currently on my first read-through of Oathbringer and in chapter 22, The Darkness Within, Adolin brings Shallan along to talk to Ialai about Sadeas' murder, and then Shallan and Mraize go off to talk to each other. I haven't finished this chapter yet because I am completely blanking on when Shallan actually revealed herself as Shallan to Mraize. I have a vague memory of some interaction between them, but I really have no clue when this happened. If someone could just explain this to me or tell me where to look back to, it would really be great.
  13. This makes so much more sense now. It really threw me off that there were 11 different faces but the fact that Hoid/Wit is one of the 11 really clarifies the whole situation. Good job to everyone who is putting in the effort to explain this.
  14. I took the quiz yesterday and got Truthseeker, but since I'm only on Words of Radiance right now I didn't really read into what exactly that means and wanted to avoid spoilers. Thanks for the welcome!
  15. I am currently about 3/4 of the way through Words of Radiance on my first read through and one small thing keeps nagging at me every time I start a new chapter. This small thing is the random assortment of faces that make up part of every chapter arch. In the first few chapters in WoK, I thought they corresponded to the main characters, which they somewhat do, but sometimes they just make absolutely no sense in the context of the chapter. Then I thought that maybe they each show one of the ten heralds. I thought this had to be it, but I went and counted out the individual faces and found that there were at least 11 so that obviously doesn't work. There is no Pattern to this trend. There has to be a reason for this right, I can't imagine Brandon would just put in random faces for no reason.