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  1. Nevermind it started working. I wish I were a Zinc ferring.
  2. row

    "We have to go to the Heart of the Tower now. Which way?"
  3. "YOU LET ME EAT THE COOKIE!" Corrupted Hero dodges, then dashes off after Possible Hero.
  4. Tvora followed Fadran through the portal, though she hadn't been on the first side.
  5. All the ones in KoW (Stormlight 5) Did you eat breakfast today? If not, why? If so, what?
  6. Now I'm sad. I got the alignment I was hoping I wouldn't get. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ?
  7. @ZincAboutIt
  8. Oh, always. You get forever fire, and the Stickists are satisfied. Stickism is now a religion. : P
  9. "NO!" Corrupted Hero runs after them, still trying to kill Love Interest.
  10. row

    Idir touches it.
  11. the fellowship of the thing

    "If you're weirded out by kissing, you still count as an under-teen. Those are the people who don't understand crushes. Somehow I am both not an under-teen and nine."