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    Books are the mostest awesomest thing in the whole entire world. :)
    I like puzzles, logic games, paper cuttings, card games, board games, Magic The Gathering, fixing problems, playing violin, playing with string, eating ice cream, eating chocolate, eating chocolate while reading books, discussing various books with the sister just older than me, and playing with my siblings.
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  1. Hi!

    What order of Knight Radiant do you like best?
  2. Ta'veren Kaladin, how sure are you that the question about crying wasn't rhetoric?
  3. vote=Devo It only counts the first vote in the post
  4. Probably a sword of a size that's small for a shardblade. (About a meter long instead of two.) What's your favorite kind of rock?
  5. Unless you play Sanderson Elimination with us. Then we might bite, but we're more likely to stab. (Sanderson Elimination is like Mafia or Werewolf.)
  6. @DramaQueen
  7. Tani stepped into the Cornucopia field, looked around for a bit, and started jogging towards a large chunk of raw meat. That might feed her for a few days, if she could keep it from rotting. She had run out of food that morning.
  8. Talk to Chaos. He can help you get your account back.
  9. Tame it and train it to beg for food and do tricks. What would you do if you found a mean rooster in your pocket?
  10. Do you know what you did? You burned a copy of my favorite Sanderson book! How could you! *cries* Whatever went wrong, I didn't do it. *thinks for a moment* Probably.
  11. I seem to have missed my Shardiversary. (By about four months.)

    Uhm. *awkwardly stands there for a moment*

    Should I do a normal Shardiversary thing just late, or should I pretend I did a Shardiversary thing on February 5 when I was supposed to? Does it matter which I do? Is Shardiversary just an optional fun thing or is it a "thou shalt or how dare" kind of thing?

    1. DramaQueen


      I think it's an optional fun thing. Do what you want. If you want to ignore it, that's fine. Or if you want to ignite it, as my autocorrect suggested, that's fine too!

    2. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      Wake up one day and just call it February 5.

    3. Slowswift


      Hey, I forgot mine too, so. :P

      Happy belated Shardiversary!

  12. row

    "What do you mean?" The rhythm's not gone, but it's a bit softer.
  13. Have you ever experienced that one thing where the days seem to blur together and you kinda know what day it is but it doesn't feel like that day?
  14. row

    Idir followed Kyt towards the portion of the tower where the Dustbringers trained. After a few turns, she quietly started humming the Rhythm of Anxiety, subtly increasing in volume for a few moments until she asked "What are the other Dustbringers like?"