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  1. So what things happen here?
  2. Rylia whispers right in Marea's ear so the owner can't hear. "I'd like a proper cloak and we need some food. Probably also some rope. I'd really like to have a good staff again, preferably with no metals. I'll need some powdered tin, bendalloy, nicrosil, and steel, but none of the others. I'd like some more wearable chunks of gold, nicrosil, tin, steel, and duralumin, but could do without. I think that's it. We probably shouldn't get it all here though, it might be counted odd. We might want to visit Ranette."
  3. "But what if it comes? And anyway, they need to be round because I say so. Ooh! I just got the greatest idea! We build them all different shapes!"
  4. Rylia immediately relaxes and smiles a bit, relieved. "You can keep me safe? They won't hurt me anymore?"
  5. This was really fun. I woulda appreciated it if y'alls had believed me about my having info tho! I learned from this game tho, so thats good.
  6. Rylia had finally found it. The general store loomed over her, intimidating. She walked in, still looking like an urchin, filling duralumin like her life depended on it, trying to look unthreatening and beneath notice. The storeowner spoke. "Ye 'ere fer th' bread?" "Yes." "Well ye don't get none. Ye ain't no street rat, from what I 'eard." He motioned towards Marea with his head. Rylia looked at Marea, starting to get scared.
  7. "Ok, obviously there's something I'm not understanding. Tell me exactly what happened. To the word, if you can manage it." She speaks with a Draconic accent.
  8. "Those are the places people are. Those are stores and houses and stuff like that. They need to be round with slopes on all the sides because of the Everstorm."
  9. alleyverse

    @MacThorstenson "I would like one, and would prefer it stayed relatively close to my dimensions."
  10. As he finishes the sale he tells her "Y'know, if I'd just run from some gang I'd prob'ly 'ide close to 'ome fer a couple days, let things settle down a bit afore I went farther afield. Folks expect a man to run an jus' keep runnin'. 'Ow 'bowt ye look aroun' in town, an I'll keep an eye out fer 'er 'ere. Closin' time's sunset, ye c'n check 'ere then if ye 'aven't found 'er yerself. If'n she comes in I'll try teh keep 'er for ye."
  11. alleyverse

    Vis walks in. "I heard you had an Aonic cloak of disguise available. Does it work for non-Elantrians?"
  12. "What's she look like? An' does she know she's yer friend?"