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  1. Congratulations to the artist formerly known as Szeth's Facepalm, @Ookla the Frog, Raoden!
  2. High praise! @Ookla the Frustrated What did the votes say?
  3. Awesome musical clues Marukka! Dalinar?
  4. Holy crap, she WAS royalty! Nice pick and clues
  5. Gonna make me blush! Cant wait to see your musical clues! Gavinor?
  6. *hums to the rhythm of victory* It IS the life-stealing Leshwi! Got it early, well done! The rest of the clues were: 1. Viva Forever 2. Take Me Home 3. 2 Become 1 4. The Lady Is A Vamp 5. Outer Space Girls
  7. Not the homesick Lift 1. Viva Forever 2. Take Me Home 3. 2 Become 1
  8. Not the home-making Lord Ruler
  9. Not the lingering Kelsier 1. Viva Forever 2.Take Me Home
  10. Not the long-lived Vasher
  11. Nicely done Morningtide! Almost had us stumped Time to spice things up: 1. Viva Forever
  12. Lmao, funny true or not Siri?
  13. Preemptive guess for next round: Hoid?