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  1. Guys, so I got back from a vacation and I totally forgot that Cytonic had come out… then I remembered… So I’m like kinda obsessed… it’s pretty great. I love it so far! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!




    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      I apologize, I just get really excited when new books come out :D

  2. Hey guys! How many of you have read the Shattered Castle? It came out on the 19th of October.

    1. Ookla the Mystic

      Ookla the Mystic

      Can’t say that I have :// It is something you recommend?

    2. Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      not yet, im waiting t borrow it from a friend, CANT WAIT>

    3. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Sorry, I forgot to respond, @Ookla the Mystic yes it is super good and I highly recommend!

  3. Hey guys! I’m back for a little bit. Sorry for just leaving I kinda forgot about the shard and started focusing on school. 

  4. Cactuses are better.

  5. by any chance are you 'Aloemancer" from YouTube?

  6. I am almost halfway through Lux… I started it last night..


    Ya… last night at 11… hehe


  7. Who saw that they are making a Wheel of Time SERIES on AMAZON?! I haven’t even gotten halfway through the first book and I’m already pumped!!!!!!C050ECDE-9319-413C-96CB-E7403A4730B3.jpeg.bd8a163d3b3f1b7daf09addc0fa23110.jpeg

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    2. Flying


      I'm like 2/3rds through the sixth book, but I've been annoying my family about the show for months.... Tomorrow there's a panel at comic con that's gonna have some WoT stuff. I'm hoping they're going to release the trailer, but I'll try not to get my hopes up :P

    3. LukeWasTaken


      B)already finished all 15 books, 3 years later and I am still not sure if I regret it.

    4. Flaming Coinshoot

      Flaming Coinshoot

      Finished all of the books, five months later I occasionally pop in and reread parts of them and realize that I completely missed something semi-essential to the plot that makes everything make more sense. That guy had some true dedication.

  8. Sorry, I totally forgot about this rp. Ella dashed out the door and saw the creature snarling above her on the roof. She threw a knife at it. But she somehow missed. Strange Ella thought.


    Sorry abt the screaming, I am very excited


    But I don’t get Cytonic until November :unsure:



    1. Ookla the Stressed

      Ookla the Stressed


    2. Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      Thaidakar the Cool Ookla

      yay, I want that too, but my b-day is in oct.

  10. Thank you @Marukka!
  11. Happy storming Birthday!

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thanks you! I just noticed this! I really appreciate it!


  12. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thank you! Sorry this is late but I just saw this so that proves I should check my profile more…

  13. I know it ain't your birthday today, but I'll be out of town on that day so... *sends kiss* Happy birthday and don't die.

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thanks, I just saw this, I need to be on more lol.

  14. Also, the best thing happened to me a couple nights ago. I literally stayed up till 4:30 in the morning talking about Brandon Sanderson books and Avatar: The Last Airbender with my friends. It was the best thing ever!

  15. I just saw A Quiet Place Part II! It was so amazing! Has anyone else seen it?