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  1. by any chance are you 'Aloemancer" from YouTube?

  2. I am almost halfway through Lux… I started it last night..


    Ya… last night at 11… hehe


  3. Who saw that they are making a Wheel of Time SERIES on AMAZON?! I haven’t even gotten halfway through the first book and I’m already pumped!!!!!!C050ECDE-9319-413C-96CB-E7403A4730B3.jpeg.bd8a163d3b3f1b7daf09addc0fa23110.jpeg

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    2. Flying


      I'm like 2/3rds through the sixth book, but I've been annoying my family about the show for months.... Tomorrow there's a panel at comic con that's gonna have some WoT stuff. I'm hoping they're going to release the trailer, but I'll try not to get my hopes up :P

    3. LukeWasTaken


      B)already finished all 15 books, 3 years later and I am still not sure if I regret it.

    4. Flaming Coinshoot

      Flaming Coinshoot

      Finished all of the books, five months later I occasionally pop in and reread parts of them and realize that I completely missed something semi-essential to the plot that makes everything make more sense. That guy had some true dedication.

  4. Sorry, I totally forgot about this rp. Ella dashed out the door and saw the creature snarling above her on the roof. She threw a knife at it. But she somehow missed. Strange Ella thought.


    Sorry abt the screaming, I am very excited


    But I don’t get Cytonic until November :unsure:



    1. Vapor



    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      yay, I want that too, but my b-day is in oct.

  6. Thank you @Marukka!
  7. Happy storming Birthday!

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thanks you! I just noticed this! I really appreciate it!


  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thank you! Sorry this is late but I just saw this so that proves I should check my profile more…

  9. I know it ain't your birthday today, but I'll be out of town on that day so... *sends kiss* Happy birthday and don't die.

    1. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thanks, I just saw this, I need to be on more lol.

  10. Also, the best thing happened to me a couple nights ago. I literally stayed up till 4:30 in the morning talking about Brandon Sanderson books and Avatar: The Last Airbender with my friends. It was the best thing ever!

  11. I just saw A Quiet Place Part II! It was so amazing! Has anyone else seen it?

  12. Well, I think your English is pretty good! It’s a lot better than mine and English is my first language. Also if you thought that The way of Kings and Words of Radiance were crazy. Then I recommend that you buckle your seatbelt Good luck with your journey through the Cosmere!
  13. First of all, I love aeronautics too. I also love stargazing! I used a lot of my savings to buy a telescope to observe the stars and planets! Also, I love Starsight as well! It’s probably my favorite in the Skyward series. Who is you’re favorite character? Also, Isn’t Titan Robotics the company that does 3D printing?
  14. Hello everyone! I went to Chicago on the road trip I’m still currently on, and I would like to show you guys some of the pictures I took there.


    52F6A87F-0303-42C8-9EF3-DCFFB878C22E.thumb.jpeg.8a8003d70a33b61339789e39a7e1029a.jpeg15F74271-0809-41A1-B8B7-ED2BF92D5F99.thumb.jpeg.3610e664818bc9cc125ab0a816791847.jpegCF914D74-4E26-4B45-B298-9C1D6363316A.thumb.jpeg.9ac5bb96273eb198c90357132ce71314.jpegI took like 56 pictures and I don’t want to upload em’ all so I’m just sticking with 3 ;)


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    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      I really like the first one, especially how the tree frames the building.

    3. Maddie The Succulent

      Maddie The Succulent

      Thanks!  @The Storming Stormfather I imagined to look different too.

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      nice Newcago is awesome. I want to go there some day, then turn it into metal.

  15. Personally, I’m curious how many of you guys have been to This is the Place in Salt Lake City. It’s where Brigham Young said,”This is the Place.” It’s a pretty cool place. Edit: He said it looking over the Valley.