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  1. In Rhythm of War Shallan and Adolin went to Shadesmar to try and convince the honour spren to bond with more knights. To me this all felt like a bit of a side quest and not super important as convincing the honour spren to help them didn't have any relevance to the main plot of Rhythm of War in the end. So I'm hoping that the honour spren will somehow be helpful in Stormlight 5. But how? In ten days will the honour spren somehow bond with hundreds of potential wind runners and will they all save the day? Or will it just be mentioned as now that they had convinced the honour spren to join them there were more and more wind runners joining their ranks each day?


  2. I feel Venli's chapters in Rhythm of War were the weakest. I was intrigued by where her charecter would go after Oathbringer but was disappointed by her storyline in Row. Any ideas on what she'll do next and what part she will have to play in the later books? Also any positive opinions on her chapters in Row because I hate feeling negative about a Stormlight charecter.