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  1. Who the storms is that!
  2. We get his future in the forest scene and it is not a good one
  3. Stop him for cracking the code The entire Cosmere is probably afraid of Gavilar because of his discoveries (assuming Kelsier knew about A-Light which I think is likely)
  4. I think this means he’s already cracked the code to CS and is still alive...
  5. This is my thought process on this: 1: The path Dalinar was on was to become an even more insane depot that would continue to kill people + 2: He was only saved because of Cultivation’s interference = 3: Cultivation caused Dalinars change alot of you seem to be referencing therapies and stuff which isn’t relevant here because over here Cultivation did the heavy lifting and Dalinar just asked to be fixed for his own sake, and not to help the people he’s hurt
  6. Oh well it’s probably one of those priests that Hrathen is in charge of, right? If it is I have no clue what their name is what they look like or what they say, do , or if they matter
  7. Dalinar didn’t know that He didn’t want to be a better person he wanted the voices to stop why does the redeem yourself for the murder of hundreds By pruning she gave Odium a weapon, that’s what she says if someone does all the work of paving a path and removes all obstacles away, someone walking on that path cannot claim credit for doing anything, everything was laid out for him by an outside entity
  8. Then later he says he asked for forgiveness Dalinar would not have fallen to Odium without Cultivation He would have remained a despot destroying more cities, he sees this There was no selfless intentions, he only wants to change for himself The screams are supernatural not a result of his guilt You are oversimplifiing what Cultivation did. She did not ‘lend him a helping hand on his journey’ she took the first step for him setting him on his path
  9. There’s a difference between ‘help’ and ‘let me do all the work for you’ No he wanted to change because he couldn’t handle the screams he tried the ardent, he tried the drink, the Nightwatcher was only next
  10. K great so Dalinar gets no credit, that proves my point to
  11. ...ok so I am giving Cultivation credit for Dalinar change because without her it would not have happened
  12. Fine I agree I overstated that let me try again Would Dalinar have changed without Cultivation
  13. Well... now I’m confused Cultivation is the sole reason Dalinar changed right can we agree on that @Frustration
  14. But he had no desire to do that until after Cultivation Therefore it was due to cultivation