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  1. Sadeas was practically already defeated 1: He had been completely discredited by Dalinar finding Urithiru 2: He was locked into a duel with Adolin whoch also discredits him And killing Sadeas didn’t actually do anything It tightened the tensions that were already tought and it made Amaram take over who then directly fought against Dalinar Aditionaly you’re misreading the Alethi society It is completely acceptable to abandon your allies on the field, you might see it as wrong but society did not And that makes what Adolin did pure murded of the 2nd degree (I think 2 not sure)
  2. Who’d he murder, it was war unless I’m missing an assassination And sadeas goads him into killing the rift so it was him he wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t know what he was doing while Adolin was fully aware Did we see anyone else murder a highprince, any officers or soldiers They didn’t only Adolin did
  3. Everyone is over shadowed by Benny Freidman. (I think that was music) TPBM Doesn’t speak English in-house
  4. The point is that he doesn’t have anger management issues but he does have a temper A very very large temper
  5. That Nahodaon guys real name (or fake who knows)
  6. It may be that a bunch of 4th oath KR (about a 100) broke their oath somewhere and that’s where all the shardblades came from That would solve the equal blade problem
  7. Nothing is ever owned by a kingdom it is always passed down from person to child
  8. Of course (is there another option) after every fast with orange juice TPBM Has a Biology test tomorrow and is procrastinating their studying
  9. 1: Adolin 2: Kaladin 3: Navani 4: Shallan 5: The Lopen 6: Moash (really hard) 7: Kaladin 8: Taravangian 9: I got nothing 10: Adolin
  10. Definitely full feruchemist it is what I would use most in your daily life 1: Never be tired and just store energy when you want to go to sleep 2: Never be cold and vice versa 3; Never be weak just randomly store strength 4: Never study for tests ( This is the dealbreaker) Just store all the info in a coppermind I would just store all the attributes in class then use them when I need them
  11. Ruin and preservation created scadrial so that might ruin that part of your theory There is a way to get atium so you probably have to assume they have it if you are assuming ever There aren’t any mistborns left right?
  12. I don’t know where to ask this so I’ll ask you How old is khriss in RoW
  13. Oh please no. Brandon would never finish SA then! or Elantris, or warbreaker, or sixth of dusk, or rithmatist, or mistborn,
  14. I thought it sayed willshaper Also it’s possible to use math to predict highstorms so why would they not do that And how would a windspren tell you when a highstorm is coming. Does Syl do that?