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  1. Ah yes, I hadn’t considered that there would be different ratios for splinters. There’s just too much about the original 16’s plan that isn’t answered yet. It seemed so haphazard, and the events immediately following the shattering are also vague, I can’t wait for their story (or subsequent flashbacks / novellas)
  2. Ah yeah, the old oaths make me wonder. I read some older WoB about the reason for shards seeming polarity in the different systems, that always intrigued me, but I find it hard to believe the group that banded together to destroy god couldn’t trust each other at that time.
  3. Ah my fault! I hadn’t realized, but thank you for the warm welcome! I posted my question a few places so I could get more varied answers haha. I’ve just started making my way through the cosmere works and have only finished the current SA works, so I’ve got a lot of unanswered questions rattling around in my head.
  4. Since we've obviously seen the shattering of Adonalsium (Not literally) and the splintering of other shards. What stopped the original 16 from splintering their own shards and taking up the other 15 pieces from each other? Making a series of mini-adonalsiums with their powers, but equalized as to not change the person holding them nearly as much. Possibly reducing these conflicts we've seen. Any WoB on this topic, or is this too outlandish a question to be considering.