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  1. I think the Knights Radiant are cool. I'm an Edgedancer.
  2. But a guy started it up again, and his name was Mell
  3. Granted. I will go get them for you. Now you must clean my room. I wish for a donut
  4. The only problem was, he couldn't decide what that something was.
  5. Probably Elantris because that is the first Cosmere book I read, but all the books are really good.
  6. Granted. The Honorspren has bound you in thick cords. You bane? The cords are unbreakable. I wish for a pen that will never run out of ink.
  7. He tripped on the way up.
  8. so they just shredded them both.
  9. Thanks! :). And then they stood on their heads, as was custom.
  10. But they didn't eat their own dinners. They ate their friends dinners for them.
  11. My favorite character is probably Adolin. He's one of my favorite characters who hasn't died. Yet.......
  12. Granted. You may only wish for one million carrots. By the time you are done, you will have one trillion carrots. I wish for a flower
  13. Granted, you won't live to see this. I wish for the ability to teleport anywhere in the world.