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  1. I sometimes I try to write Keteks, but I am not good at doing so. (English is not my mothers tongue and poetry is somewhat different in German) BUT I wanted to write a Ketek about the immortal words, especially the first ideal. And I realized, that it already could be written as one. "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. Weakness before strength. Death before life." And for me this makes perfect sense. There are many stories and myths about people who have to (symbolically) die before they can truly live. People are weak before they become strong. And the journey is (more) important, but there is no real journey without a destination. You would be wandering around aimlessly. Especially if you think about destination in a broader sense. Like a goal and not an actual physical place. There is much more that could be said about this and how it extends the meaning of the ideal. But I am hoping for your Ideas on that theory. Edit: "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination before journey. Weakness before strength. Death before life." If it HAS to be perfectly mirrored, but I am not sure about it
  2. The theory of evolution and natural selection is based in the real world but a lot creatures in Roshar seem to be well adapted to its environment. Assuming that there was some kind of evolution the question arises if there was intervening from other beings and how intense it was. Mistborn Era 1 Spoiler And at the same time it is often assumed that Singers and Humans could have children together or that some variations of humans, like the Horneaters, are either adapted to their environment by a "unnatural" power like a shard or natural evolution. It is also often mentioned, maybe even by characters in the book, that a singer genocide would stop the fused from returning. But i do not think that this would actually work. It depends on how the fused return. As far as I understand the gem heart is necessary. But is it possible that it is just far more easy for the fused to take over a body that closely resembles what they looked like? The same way awakening works better with things that resemble a body but it is actually possible to awaken even a sword. What I am trying to say is, that a may not be enough to stop the fused because they could find other ways like returning in (sentient) greatshells or maybe even humans. It might be enoug to put a gemheart into a human to give a fused access. Mistborn Era 1 Spoiler What do you think? Could fused use other greatshells or human/singer hybrids or humans with a gemheart but only prefer singers?
  3. So I am currently reading a Book called "The dark side of the moon" by the Swiss author Martin Suter. It is not fantasy but I can still recommend it, especially to every German native speaker. The Protagonist is a rich lawyer and has some kind of spiritual awakening.
  4. I always thought that Gavinor is the top choice because of one epigraph/death rattle about not killing a child in combination with the fact that Dalinar would not be able to kill a loved one again.
  5. I do not think that non-elantrian habitants could use the light Aons or anything else. If there were actually normal people in the city of Elantris they would either live with an Elantrian or the Light would be st up in a way that it has an timer or something similar. But that´s just what I think.
  6. I was looking for a similar thread but did not find one. I assume that one exists, so if it does, I'll happily go there. But now to the topic. One of the great things about hard magic and larger fictional universes is that we, as readers, can imagine great battles between the strongest of opponents. We can look at them from a logical point of view and compare strengths and weaknesses. But we can also imagine and share a whole setup and rules for a duel and write the whole fightscene similar to fan-fiction. This is a way to look at the characters, the martial arts and the magic system from a different perspective thats why I think it fits into Cosmere Discussion best. I will start with a Scenario. After the great duel in the Arena (Adolin+Renarin + Kaladin vs. 4 Shardbearers) Kaladin challenges Meridas Amaram. But in this (unrealistic) scenario now Adolin freaks out and gets overwhelmed by the thrill. Adolin attacks Kaladin. Everyone watching likes the scenario and and Kaladin fights for his live. Kaladin swears the 3rd ideal after a few blows of Adolin. (This may be interpreted as a Spoiler and is not important for the actual fight, read at you own risk) So the Fight is now Between Kaladin with Syl as Shardblade and a limited source of Stormlight. He got a boost when swearing the ideal but there are no other sources. And Adolin who is fueled by the Thrill and is a raging shardbearer similar to Dalinar's old days. Version one would be that Adolin got already out of the not workind shardplate, but I think that this would be too easy for Kaladin (If you think otherwise, please play with this scenario) Version two is, that we change the fight that happen before this so, that Adolin's shardeplate is in close to perfect condition. Let the battle begin. Kaladin vs Adolin Who would win?
  7. When Jasnah made it look like she used her Soulcaster to Shallan the Smokestone broke. Was this just a coincidence? If never seen a stone being broken because another radiant used it. And as far as I undrrstand they can not specify from wich stone they want to suck in the stormlight. So she already had an immense control over her soulcasting and usage of investiture in general in book one.
  8. But Lovecraft was influenced by Middle Eastern sounding names. The Necronomicon's fictional origin was Arabic.
  9. Please use his bird as the picture of the coin. Like withe the Dogecoin but his Bird.
  10. Is anywhere exactly stated how Vasher killed her? My thinking has always been then her death and the current state of Nightblood are related. I think nightblood was much worse but Vasher killed Shashara with Nightblood in a way that altered Nightblood by somewhat "infusing" it with Shashara.
  11. ketek

    So english is not my native language but it makes sense to me. I hope you like it.
  12. With our real world level of technology I'd try to help others and become rich in the process. So I'd become a gold compounder and donate organs. Both to people in real need and the ones who are willing to pay for them. Even for research purposes. Simmiliar to what is done to Marvels Wolverine or in the anime Ajin. But I would do it voluntarily.
  13. Astriphysics <3 What I love about science is that there is often a deeper level. Tjere is this famous example with the feather and the hammer some of you probably know of. If you let a hammer and a feather fall in our atmosphere the hammer reaches the ground first. If you do the same in a vacuum, they land at the same time. The explanation is, that gravity acxelerates both of these things the same. But actually the hammer is faster in a vacuum, but the difference is neglectable in this small scales. But the gravitional force at work is dependend on two factors. The distance between the things and the SUM of their masses. And hammer usually is heavier then a father so the sum of earth+hammer is slightly higher than the sum of earth+ father. Or did I do some miscalculation here?
  14. @Dannex Interesting story. But that is the main question of the thread in some sense. How do you define god/God in the cosmere. For someone on scadrial before book one, giant flying metal tubes that bring destruction and death could easily seem like some kind of divine being. And it shooting metal bullets is even close to their magic system. But from their viewpoint, it would be crazy to not believe in their gods because, just look up and see them fly. Perspective matters a lot.
  15. If Taravangian knew that he would become Odium, did he know what would happen with Cultivation's gift? And what did happen with it? Does Taravangian, as Odium, still have good and bad days regarding his capabilities?