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  1. Hmm, what if Unity is a translation of Adonalsium and they mean the same thing? And maybe Adonalsium was speaking through Dalinar, which freaked Rayse out, because it's supposed to be dead. Maybe the voice Dalinar hears is somehow the voice of Adonalsium itself? As far as I know Dalinar doesn't know about Adonalsium so this could just be how he interprets it? Has anyone asked Brandon if Adonalsium is a Yolish word that's been adopted for use offworld? I think this could be a little misdirection from Brandon to get us to think Rayse is talking about Honor as of course Honor is the one telling Dalinar to unite them in the visions. But might it really be Big A itself?
  2. Hey there! As far as I'm aware, every Shard has a Godmetal, tone, light etc. Godmetal is solid manifestation of investiture and Light/Breath is gaseous. They all follow the same formula but the Shard does have some limited control over how their investiture manifests and behaves and this is also influenced by the planet. There are tones on Scadrial too - Seekers can sense them (those pulses than Vin from the Well, and Brandon has said that Seekers would feel the Tones on Roshar).
  3. Brandon must have good diet with lot of metal
  4. Where is this from? Who is saying this?
  5. discuss

    I don't think anyone that has access to hemalurgy is strapped for cash. Plus it's only for storage, it can be reused. Edit: Wait, I guess you cant reuse it if you eat it. You make a fair point
  6. discuss

    Put spike in a box and pour molten aluminium over it. Smash open when you want to retrieve. Then eat the aluminium scraps. Gotta get that iron in
  7. Okay but think about it like this. At some point they will find a way to convert gaseous investiture (Light) into solid (Metal). That would pack a lot more punch. Since anti-investiture doesn't actually interact destructively with matter, I was thinking this for a device: Two large sheets of metal investiture and metal anti-investiture separated by a highly pressurised gas/liquid so that they do not touch. The sheets should be as thin as possible to maximise surface area of contact, because upon contact anything not too close by would be knocked away by the explosion and would not actually get a chance to annihilate. When ready for boom, depressurise chamber, metals touch, kapow. Make these sheets several hundreds of metres wide and you're basically shooting a giant frisbee of doom at whichever unfortunate civilisation has insulted your horse. Edit: Actually, you could easily layer this several times over so it wouldn't need to be so long. You could make into any giant <insert your favourite 3D shape> of doom.
  8. Anti-matter bombs confirmed. We are going to see planets crack in space age Cosmere. I am so ready.
  9. What chapter is this? I need to see this
  10. I was thinking it works in a similar fashion to a cognitive shadow controlling a vessel. Since spren are just investiture, they should theoretically be indistinguishable from cognitive shadows. As we see with Radiant healing, a person's view of themselves alters the way they appear (e.g Kaladin's brand, Reshi king transformation). We also know from the BoM Kelsier memory that his new body bore his old scars. So my suspicion is this: Ishar forces spren into vessels (humans) and then they start to take the shape of the spren, however it's pretty hard for a human skull to morph into a cryptic one, so the most successful attempts are with those resembling humans the most (honorspren) as the change isn't too drastic.
  11. Well... Odium can say: "Hey little Gavinor, be my champion and I will let you kill the man who murdered your father." I think that would convince a child who doesn't understand the stakes of this contest.
  12. No no no I have figured this out. Think about it... LerasIUM,, RaysIUM, AtIUM, HarmonIUM… AdonalsIUM!!! Adonalsium is therefore clearly a block of metal from which all investitures comes. Cosmere solved. Brain so big I need a neck brace.
  13. Can someone elaborate on this? Or at least tell me which episodes of Shardcast I should watch?