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  1. They need to go through everyone's silverware drawer checking for shard forks.
  2. I enjoyed the story...Lift is a hoot!
  3. Looks like a good gift for my brother!
  4. I have chased a few theories over the years...always exciting when one comes through!
  5. If I had to apply a single word to Kelsier it wouldn't be good or bad, it would be reckless.
  6. Welcome! Kandras are interesting.. You're not one, are you? So hard to tell...
  7. Hello brother, welcome! Got a favorite magic system?
  8. Welcome! Favorite magic system?
  9. I close my eyes only for a moment, and the moment is gone.

  10. At the moment the SA books are at the top of my reading list, however I like all things Sanderson (I've pretty much read it all). My favorite standalone is The Emperor's Soul, best short story I've ever read (IMO). Obviously I like Hoid as a character, mainly because I like the idea of a character that is involved all across the cosmere story. I also like Jasnah Kholin, Vin, Lightsong, and poor Teft :-(. Least favorite character has to be Moash, though he is an exceptionally well written character made to hate. Regarding favorite cosmere magic system, right now it's a tie between Mistborn's Allomancyā€ˇ and Roshar's Surgebindingā€ˇ. I think I answered all the questions thus far. Glad to hear all ages are welcome...I turn 70 this year so it's a long shot for me to see the end of the SA back five...so here's to Skyward 3 and beyond!
  11. Hello fellow Sanderson fans. I have been reading Sanderson since he he started working on Robert Jordan's WoT books. I have been reading this site for over 6 years, especially when looking for WoB posts. So, I'm a newbie though probably on of the older (in age) readers. Be easy on me.... Hoid's (younger) Brother